This Weekend in Hamilton!

This Weekend in Hamilton!


The party is about to start in Hamilton, MO this weekend! We hope you can join! Starting this Thursday, September 24th through Saturday, September 26th MSQC will be hosting a Birthday Bash for it’s 7th birthday! (Can you believe it’s been 7 years already?)


We have lots of fun events planned in town for the celebration and great birthday-themed Daily Deals and other specials online for those of you who can’t make the trip! Be on the lookout for awesome online giveaways as well! Plus, it’s in conjunction with J.C. Penney Days adding bonus fun for the whole family on Saturday! For a full schedule of events click HERE! (A little birdie told me there are even pinatas full of Aurifil thread!) 😉


Missouri Star partnered up with the Magic of Marceline to find Missouri’s Best Grandmothers, and the search is over! There were so many inspiring nominations sent in for this award, it was truly amazing. This Saturday, September 26th, the Magic of Marceline is hosting an awards banquet that several MSQC employees will be attending to honor the Missouri’s Best Grandmothers winner! We loved being a part of this wonderful experience, to learn more about it click HERE!


  • Rina Mason

    I like all of them. You can mix and match the colors and textures and it’s just so touchable.

  • up2bat

    Happy Birthday! This week is also the 7th birthday of my oldest child. That was a crazy week in the rest of the world, but good things for you and good things here too. Best wishes! I live in NC but am hoping to visit family in MO next year, and they’re about an hour from you. If we go, I’m putting you guys on my “To-Do” list!

  • Janet Clark

    Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to MSQC Happy Birthday to you from Janet Clark Worcestershire, Great Britain.