Tender Heart Quilt

Tender Heart Quilt

Learn to make this Tender Heart Quilt with a fun bonus project!

This tutorial is super fun because Jenny not only teaches you how to make this adorable Tender Heart Quilt but with the scraps from that project she has created another great quilt! So, you get twice the fun in one great tutorial. Plus, almost zero wasted fabric.

Jenny demonstrates this lovely Tender Heart quilt with a BONUS project!

Click the diagram below for a free downloadable PDF!

Missouri Star Quilt Co. Diagram of the Tender Heart Quilt

Watch the Latest Tutorial from Missouri Star Quilt Co!

  • Lynne Tilley

    I love this one!! Going to watch the tutorial now. And I enjoy Jenny so, so much!

  • Cecilia Rico

    I watched the tutorial on the tender hearts Quilt. I didn’t hear where Jenny gave the measurement for the dashing or the cornerstones. Could you please send them to me

  • Mandey Clark

    I bought fabrics this month after seeing this tutorial and I’m making it as a gift. I’m mixing up a few of the heart block ideas and using them all on the quilt.

  • We’d love to see a photo when it’s complete!

  • Hi Cecilia! She used 2.5″ strips for the sashing and 2.5″ squares for the cornerstones. Hope this helps!

  • Peggy Hoffman

    Thank you for providing sashing and cornerstone measurement. What is the size of the inner border?

  • Irene Dausin

    How big is the outer sashing?

  • shrmntonya

    I would love to know the white color name, number, and manufacturer. Whites are so difficult!