Super Mario Brother Quilt Pattern (FREE of course)

Super Mario Brother Quilt Pattern (FREE of course)

A friend of the shop, Nicole, has offered up her pattern she made for the Super Mario quilt below. So you’ll need the following –

Blue Squares – 153
Peach Squares – 43
Red Squares – 60
Brown Squares – 68

You can do this with 5″ (or 10″ though that would be a monster too big for any quilt machine I’ve ever seen, good point Ida 🙂 ) or any size square as long as they’re all the same size. Just lay them out and sew them together in rows. Anyone want to do Luigi and Toad? 🙂

Download the pattern layout by clicking the icon below –

If you have any suggestions or critiques let us know and we’ll adjust the pattern / post accordingly! Thanks for all the support!

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  • Christina Armstrong

    I pinned this to Pinterest over 2 years ago, in the hopes that I’d someday actually DO it…Well, all the repins keep reminding me. 180+ repins!

  • Rosemary Ley

    I would like to see the Luigi and Toad quilt. Could you send me that pattern? Thank you.

  • Rosemary

    I wish someone had told me how long it was going to take to make this quilt with the 1″ square pieces. I started the first part of October, cutting pieces, and now I’m putting it into high gear by spending five hours a day for five days a week. I’m going nuts. I’ve learned a lot and it is cute, but I not only have to make this one for my granddaughter, but I have to make Luigi for my grandson. All by Christmas. I took the pictures of Luigi from the internet and enlarged it as much as I could. Then I made a applique out of it. Now I’m adding the 1″ blocks all around it. It was much faster, believe me.

  • Lise Brown

    Wow, I’m kinda far behind lolol, been looking for a pattern for Super Mario and Luigi to make for my twin grandsons’ who would flip out over this, not sure if I can still get the Luigi one but definitely will be this… thank you 🙂

  • Stephanie

    What size squares should I use to make a crib size quilt?

  • Nicole, who created this pattern, used 3.5″ squares and it came out as a small twin… If you include 1 row of squares all the way around for a border, it’s 20×20 squares, so if you did 2.5″ squares (minus seam allowance), that’s a 40×40″ quilt. A crib quilt is usually about 36×54 (there is some debate on the exact size), so you may have to modify the pattern a little bit to make it rectangular. You could add additional rows of blue squares to the top and bottom or stripes… Hope this helps!

  • Carolyn Link

    I just finished this for my son in law’s 30th birthday. It was a hit! I learned two lessons making this: don’t take anyone’s word and how to improvise!
    Someone said it only took 143 blue squares. I didn’t double check. I thought I was safe cutting 150 squares. There was no fabric left-only to figure out I was 3 squares short. I live a 2 hour round trip drive from the fabric store. So I cut some white squares and made a cloud. It looks great-but had a small heart attack when I was working on it!!