Staff Picks: Christmas

Staff Picks: Christmas


Bernice aka Binding Queen

Favorite Fabric: Civl War anything

Favorite Item: Needle Threader

Favorite Tutorial: Dashing Star

Wich List Item: MSQC Apron










Kathleen aka Quilting New-be

Favorite Fabric: Glamping

Favorite Item: Rotary Cutter

Favorite Tutorial: Seredipity

Wish List Item: Oliso Iron



  • Cathy

    Don’t blame you, Kathleen, on wishing for the Oliso Iron! I treated myself to one this summer and am totally in love with it! I almost burned a hole in the pressing table at the local quilt store, though, as I forgot it wasn’t an Oliso iron and laid it down and walked away. lol

  • JenniferMSQC

    Best endorsement for Oliso ever!