Sew Seasonal Holiday Shop is OPEN at Missouri Star!

Sew Seasonal Holiday Shop is OPEN at Missouri Star!

Friends! Our new holiday fabric shop is now open! It’s right across the street from the retreat center, so if you’re in town stop by and say hi!

sew seasonal bldg pano


We have also been working on one of our other buildings just a couple of doors down from the main shop. It was formerly the Neil Baker Building and it’s been completely gutted. We can’t wait to see more of what they do!

front of baker bldg


neil baker bldg pano

  • Shazbutt47 .

    Wow! That looks aweome.
    I so wish I could visit.
    I vow to order more fabric in 2014 (more truthful than ‘I vow NOT to buy any more fabric’)
    Good Luck with your newest venture and HAPPY NEW YEAR to all at M*QC 🙂

  • Blythe

    i am amazed. What a wonderful way to revitalize our small town!

  • Ishama Imran

    your shop is looking g8 n expecting more new fabric, tutorials from u. HAPPY NEW YEAR M*QC

  • Debbie Anderson-francis

    I love your shop, there is so much room for customer to view and select the fabric, love the tin roof and putting the stain glass quilt behind the cash register brings you into the shop to view more of your quilts. I, too wish that i lived closer as i would probably be in your shop almost every other day, can’t wait for your new venture in the Neil Baker Building, looking forward to your post on the progress. I absolutely love Missouri Star Quilt and all that you have done for me and other quilters. All the best in the new year as 2014 will be the year with many adventures, prosperity, and of course more quilting. Happy New Year to One and All…..

  • margie

    We will be moving in june, from WA state back to Texas. We plan to travel zig zag our way across and down the states. One of our stops will be at MSQ. I am so excited and already thinking about what to buy, oh the possibilities

  • Kathy

    CONGRATULATIONS! I think this is a fabulous idea, I mostly sew for the holidays, so its great that people can come in and actually see the fabrics. Usually there are only 1 or 2 holiday collections in the quilt shops near me. I hope it gets integrated into the online store. I love the clean lines and open space of the shop. I recognize some of the quilts on the walls from Jenny’s tutorials!

  • JadelMina

    love it!

  • JenniferMSQC


  • Brooke Hanna-Santalucia

    I’m so happy for you. All of these speciality stores that dotted our area have long closed. It’s impossible to find quality material to go with my expensive embroidery machine. Thank you for bringing such simple pleasure back to us ! Hugs

  • Jeaneb

    I’m going to plan a visit to Hamilton as soon as I retire!!!