Row by Row Experience 2015: Row by Row H20!

Row by Row Experience 2015: Row by Row H20!

1,250 Quilt Shops in the United States and Canada came together last year to give you the free shop hop event called the Row by Row Experience and this year is going to be even better!  This is Missouri Star’s first time participating and we are so excited!  Each shop has a unique row pattern following a theme and you can go into their shop and get a free pattern to make the row.  This year’s theme is “Row by Row H20,” so all the patterns are water themed!  This is our row (pictured blow).  It’s called Sail Away and we think it’s pretty awesome 😉  Come into our shop for the free pattern now!

row by row msqc

We also have exclusive fabric plates available in the shop during this event, which can be purchased in the shop, so that you have an additional keepsake from each shop you visit!  Here’s what ours looks like (below — the black binding was added for display).  It measures 8″ x 4.5″.  While the pattern for our row must be picked up in our shop here in Hamilton, Missouri, our fabric license plates are also available in our online shop HERE.

row by row license plate

As a participating shop, we will be awarding a bundle of 25 fat quarters to the first customer who brings in a completed (quilted, bound, labeled) row quilt using rows/patterns from at least 8 different shops, with a special bonus prize if the finished quilt includes our MSQC row! The chance to win ends October 31, 2015.

Here is a map of ALL the quilt shops participating!!


  • BJ

    I love your row! Is there any way we people who can’t travel that far might be able to get a pattern, or a kit?

  • Hi @bjomca:disqus! Thanks! We think it’s pretty fun!! 🙂 We are going to have the license plate available in our online shop, but unfortunately we are unable to sell the row pattern online.

  • Connie

    I noticed your map doesn’t show any shops in Arizona participating in the row by row experience. Well we have 32 shops in Arizona participating! Come check us out even though it’s HOT here. The desert is scenic and awesome. We don’t ever shovel sunshine here in the desert we just stay inside or by the pool.

  • Judy

    Actually it looks like it is a 2014 !! map

  • Susan E

    I understand you can’t sell the pattern except in the store, but can you sell these fabrics?

  • Jennifer

    I’m traveling to Phoenix in late July and would be curious to know if there are particular shops in that area that you would recommend. Thanks!

  • sew happy

    Come Nov, or after the deadline for the completed quilts, the shops can sell their kits if they wish.

  • Mary in AZ

    i would suggest you look at the facebook page to see which ones you want to collect and go from there. Phoenix has good shops, then you can branch out to the burbs. Tucson is a bit far as is Ft Mohave and Lake Havasu. Otherwise, the rest are driveable if you make a plan and cluster the stores by location.

  • Hi Susan, we do sell the fabrics online, and even the license plate! 🙂