New Friday Tutorial: The Rising Star Quilt

New Friday Tutorial: The Rising Star Quilt

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The Rising Star Quilt is so striking, yet so simple to make (aren’t those the best?)! This simple block was created by Mr. Jenny (Jenny’s husband Ron) and you’ll hear all about that in the video tutorial. You will also see some different ways to arrange the blocks to create a completely different look!

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Click to watch the tutorial and shop for all the supplies you need to make this quilt! Happy quilting! #risingstarquilt

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  • Kris

    This is one of my favorite patterns that you have had for awhile ( I mean I like them all but this one speaks to me). I hope your husband plans more quilts.

  • Elee

    I really love this quilt block and it was my inspiration when I created a similar block. I would really like to get your permission to use my block in a block contest I am entering on line. Please contact me at so I can send you a picture of my block and answer any questions you have regarding how I created mine.

  • Dee Kirby

    When making this with 5″ squares, would you use a smaller strip, or stick with the 2 1/2″ strips? I was thinking maybe it would be better to use a honey bun. Do you have any images of the smaller version?

  • Carol Morris

    I am fascinated with this pattern & want to make it in the 5″ size. What size should the strips be? I would appreciate seeing the quilt top in its entirety to see the placement of the blocks. Sometimes you include this in a tutorial. I am a very visual person & I NEED to see something in print sometimes to understand the process. Thanks!