Ribbon Dance Quilt Tutorial

Ribbon Dance Quilt Tutorial

Another two for one tutorial!

The next Summer Olympics will take place in 2020. If I start practicing now, I might be ready to compete in my favorite event: ribbon dancing! All I need is a sparkly costume and 20 feet of satin ribbon. Oh, and a bit of superhuman strength & agility. (A girl can dream, right?)

Jenny found another way to show off some HST!

This week, we’re working on The Ribbon Dance Quilt. Click HERE to see how easy it is to create the look of a beautiful, twirling ribbon. This one is gold-medal worthy for sure!

Here is the diagram for Jenny's Ribbon Dance Quilt.

Click the diagram for a free downloadable PDF.

Watch the Latest Tutorial from Missouri Star Quilt Co!

  • Loris Mills

    This is beautiful! Thank you!

  • Tammy Reiman Melton

    In reference to the Ribbon Dance Quilt, what are the measurements for the inner and outer borders?

  • The inner border is a 2.5″ strip and the outer border is 5″. Hope this helps!

  • Tammy

    Is the above the pattern or is there another way to find the break down version of the pattern.