New Friday Tutorial: The Quartered Stripes Quilt

New Friday Tutorial: The Quartered Stripes Quilt

I'll never look at striped fabric the same again! Love this Quartered Stripes Quilt Tutorial on YouTube!

Fabric is amazing. With certain quilt patterns, it’s like it has magical powers. Take the stripe, for example. Stripes have the power to make people look taller or wider… and when you put them together as demonstrated in this week’s new quilting tutorial, you get a beautiful, almost 3-dimensional effect! It’s the Quartered Stripes Quilt and you’ll never look at stripes the same way again!


Click on the button below to watch the tutorial and make your own Quartered Stripes Quilt!

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  • Judy Goldthorp

    Here was my first try with some fabric I had on hand. I found it was more accurate to cut one or two layers of fabric, rather than four. This will be a table topper, with a denim backing (no batting) and a decorative stitch around the outside. Thanks for the idea. I have another one on the sewing table now.

  • This is so understated and beautiful, Judy! Great work! 🙂

  • Lynn B.

    I’d love to see more examples like this! It helps to visualize the use of different fabrics.

  • Lauren Metang

    I have made a quilt similar to this, but it was a queen. I used 6 yards of the striped fabric. Do you know how much fabric I would need if I wanted to make other sizes of this quilt, for example a lap, twin, full, and king?

  • Amanda Meekhof I couldn’t find fabric with wider stripes and this is SLOW sewing because it is hard to keep things lined up. When I sewed the first block in the triangle shape it seems a little wonky (to use a Jenny term) but hopefully the following blocks won’t be wonky. I’m hoping that the more I sew the easier it will get…