Pecking Order

Pecking Order

Learn to create this darling Pecking Order Quilt!

This week’s quilt is a simple, modern beauty. Teeny-tiny triangles form delicate rings on a sea of white.

Watch as Jenny walks you through the steps to create this fun little Pecking Order Quilt!

But the real beauty of this work of art is how simple it is to put together. Just stitch one snowballed corner on each charm, and you’ve got the building blocks for this sweet little quilt! Click HERE watch the tutorial!

Click here for the diagram and printable PDF file for the Pecking Order Quilt.

Please click HERE or on the above diagram to get a free printable PDF.

Watch the Latest Tutorial from Missouri Star Quilt Co!

  • Christine Sherman

    I love this! One charm pack is so great because sometimes it’s all one can afford. Such a great design, thank you!

  • Deb Smith

    Love this pattern, I cut the centers 8 1/2 inches and snowballed them so I could add applique in the centers without any seams.

  • Deb Smith

    Oops, cut them 9 1/2!