Block of the Month!

Block of the Month!

You are on a roll! With 3 blocks completed, there’s only 5 more to go!

Join Jenny once a month to make a block a month and end up with the cutest Halloween wall hanging just in time for the greatest holiday of all. Come to the retreat center and sew with her live. There will be 8 classes: 7 block classes and 1 for embellishments.


The pattern used will be Home Is Where The Haunt Is Pattern for Kimberbell Designs. This pattern is so versatile! It can be made with primitive fabrics or with something more wild and modern and end up super cute either way!

To sign up for the retreat visit:

Need more information? Send Jean an email at

Have a great day!


Fabric Friday!

Fabric Friday!

So I know Fabric Friday is meant for the newest fabric, but this Friday sneaked up on me. So instead I’m introducing Poppy’s Bakery! Poppy’s is the newest restaurant is town and she has delicious soup, salads and sandwiches. I had the turkey and cheddar sandwich and it is G-O-O-D! Anna tried the broccoli and cheddar soup in a bread bowl, which is handmade bread and organic, and there was not one crumb left. Poppy also has a selection of pies and cookies, the gooseberry and blackberry are highly recommended. Stop by if your coming town, it’s right next door to the main quilt shop.

photo 1

photo 2PS. Poppy is also going to have breakfast!

How was your lunch?


Precuts: What can they make?

Precuts: What can they make?

So I’ve gotten a couple a questions about what size quilt each precut can make, and it is a very good question. Every time I start to make a quilt, it always takes me longer to figure out how much fabric I need to make a certain size than it does to actually sew it together!!

All of the sizes given below do not include borders, simply what each precut can make. By adding borders you can make your quilt bigger. Also depending on the pattern used, the end size can change, but that’s when borders come in handy, in my experience.

Daydreams-Mini-Charm-Pack-by-Kate-Spain-for-Moda-Fabrics-SKU#-27170MCMini charms, aka candies, are the newest addition to the quilting world. They are 42 pieces at 2.5 in square.

12 – Baby Quilt



The standard charm pack has 42 pieces of 5 inch fabric.Jungle-Club-Charm-Pack-by-Blue-Sky-Studio-for-Benartex-Fabrics-SKU#-JC5X5PK

1 – Baby quilt

2 – Crib size quilt

3 – Lap quilt

5 – Twin quilt

8 – Queen quilt



A standard layer cake has 42 pieces of 10 inch fabric.

1 – Twin quilt

2 – Queen quilt






A jelly roll has 42 pieces of 2.5 inch strips of fabric.

1 – Lap/Twin quilt

2 – Queen quilt

3- King Quilt


A honey bun has 42 pieces of 1.5 inch strips.

2 – Lap/Twin quilt






A quilt made from a fat quarter bundle all depends on the size of the bundle. One bundle can make anything from a full size quilt to a king size quilt. A fat quarter bundle is 18 x 22″ cut of fabric which equals a quarter yard.Oh-The-Places-You'll-Go---Rainbow-Girl-Colorstory-Fat-Quarter-Bundle-by-Robert-Kaufman-Fabrics-SKU#-FQ-624-10

I’m also including the finished sizes of quilts or bedspreads. Each size should be taken with grain of salt:

Baby = 36′” x 54″

Crib = 45″ x 60″

Twin = 63″ x 87″

Double = 78″ x 87″

Queen= 84″ x 92″

King = 100″ x 92″

I hope this helps in your next shopping adventure,


Fabric Friday!

Fabric Friday!

Oh boy, do I have a treat for you!! Have you seen Jenny’s tutorial on the Jelly Roll Race? Do you wish you could make it bigger? Well just call me a genie because I’m about to make your wish come true! Abracadabra!

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 3.22.41 PM

Ok, I’ll be honest, I didn’t figure this one out, Mable, a customer service rockstar did.

This only works on the original Jelly Roll Race and not Jelly Roll 2.

I made one with just 80 strips and it takes an extra step plus borders to make it work. However there is also not the 18″ waste at the beginning, so you will not cut any off.

To make a jelly roll race large enough for a queen bed without any borders would take 98 strips. King size would take 116 strips. And you still have to start with three separate strip piles divided equally into thirds.

When using two jelly rolls you must start with three groups of strips instead of just one long one.

Open your jelly rolls and leave them in the order they came in with the second jelly roll under the first.
Put the first 26 strips in your first pile.
Cut off 29 inches on the 27th strip and add to the end of the first pile.

Start pile 2 with the remaining piece of the 27th strip and add 26 more strips.
Cut off 14 1/2 inches of the 54th strip and add to end of pile two.

Start pile 3 with the rest of the 54th strip and add the remaining 26 strips.

jelly roll update

Follow the videos direction of how to sew the strips end to end.

Begin with pile 1 and sew the strips end to end so that you have one giant strip that is just over 1100 inches long. Repeat with pile 2 and 3.
Sew those three separate piles side by side so you now have one piece 6.5 by 1100.

jelly roll update 2
Now you can follow the regular directions of folding in half, sew down the length, and clip the end so it lies flat. Now you are 6 strips wide. Bring the ends together, sew and snip and continue to repeat until you reach the desired length.

You will come up with a quilt top that is approximately 69 x 96. You would need to add 8 inch borders to the sides only to make it wide enough for a queen size quilt if you 80 strips. To make a jelly roll race large enough for a queen bed without any borders would take 98 strips. King size would take 116 strips.

Boom! Wish granted!


We want to hear your quilting story

We want to hear your quilting story

Happy National Quilting Month! You know, the folks here at Missouri Star are blessed with the unique opportunity to meet quilters from across the globe. We love chatting with you about precuts, patterns, and notions, but what we REALLY LOVE are the stories you tell. Quilting touches so many of our hearts on a much deeper level than just pretty fabrics pieced together. For some, quilting is an artistic outlet. It is a medium to allow your creative talents to really shine. For others, quilting can be a sort of therapy. I know that as I measure, cut, and stitch, I feel a great sense of release and relaxation. It is very satisfying to create my own little piece of order and beauty even though the rest of the world may be spinning out of control!

We want to hear your story. Why do you quilt? How has quilting made your life better?  How has quilting changed you?  Tell us in 500 words or less and you could be one of three entries chosen to have your story featured on our Daily Deal page and Daily Deal email. And if that’s not cool enough, we will also award the three winners with $100 each in Quilter’s Cash (10,000 Quilter’s Cash points)! Woohoo, right?!! So start writing right away! We want to be inspired! We want to laugh! We want to cry! Just be sure to send your entry to by noon (CST) this Wednesday, March 12th. I’m so excited, I think I’m going to be checking the email every five minutes to see what comes in!

The entries we select to be featured will appear as our Daily Deal story this Thursday, Friday and Saturday (13th-15th), with Saturday being National Quilting Day!

A few details to remember:  If your entry is chosen, but you don’t want your name attached to it, please specify that you would like it to be anonymous, or use a fake name.  Otherwise, we will use whichever name appears in your e-mail.  Also, although we are selecting only three winners for this weeks contest, we may use some of the entries not chosen this week in future Daily Deal stories or on our blog or magazine, therefore, by willingly submitting your story, you acknowledge that Missouri Star may use it at some future date for commercial purposes.

We really can’t wait to hear about the impact quilting has made on your life!  Happy Quilting :)