New Site Madness 101!

New Site Madness 101!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! You all have made converting to our new site a breeze! Thank you so much for your cooperation and understanding as we go on this new and crazy adventure together. By now, you’ve hopefully had some time to browse and click around, and get familiarized with the site. We want to help familiarize you even more based on some of the wonderful questions we’ve been getting! 🙂

Where can I find the tutorials on the new site? 

Tutorials site


To find our tutorials, simply place your mouse over the “Community” tab and then click on “Quilting Tutorials” in the drop-down menu. Now you’ll have all of the MSQC Tutorials at your fingertips!

How do you get to the Daily Deal page? 

DD site

There are two ways to access the Daily Deals from our homepage. Let’s start with the easiest (and most recently added). Right below the menu bar, we added a “Check Out Today’s Daily Deal, it’s % Off!” button. Click on any part of this header to access the Daily Deal page (I love how easy this is now)! The second way is to place your mouse over “Daily Deals” in the upper left-hand corner of the homepage. In the drop-down menu select, “Daily Deal”. This is where you can find the sale bin and other specials as well!

Where are the BLOCK corrections?

Block site

Let’s start from the beginning for this one… On the homepage, place your mouse over “Books & Block” on the menu bar, then in the drop-down menu select, “BLOCK”. Now you’ll be on the screen pictured above! Simply click on “corrections” in the second paragraph to find all the BLOCK corrections ever made! 🙂

I purchased a digital issue of BLOCK/ digital pattern. How do I access it?

Downloads site

This is a great question! All digital downloads are stored in your MSQC account. To access them, login to your account and then click on the “Your Account” button in the upper right-hand corner of the page. You’ll then be on a screen that looks like the one shown above. Click on “Your Digital Downloads” to access all of your digital issues of BLOCK and digital patterns.

** If you use Apple products you can download our new BLOCK  Magazine App right to your iPhone or iPad, allowing you to take each issue with you in the car, at the store, or wherever your quilty heart desires! Click HERE to learn more and download the app.

I hope these tips and tricks are helpful when searching the new and improved MSQC site! If you have more questions, don’t be shy. We’re here to help make this transition go smoothly! Start browsing and trying these shortcuts out HERE! Happy quilting!


  • Jennifer Coleman

    Love the new website! Have a suggestion – when a user select one of the templates/rules/tools pages (for instance – the Large Tumbler Template for 10″) it would be nice if the tutorials that is featured in is listed on the page.

  • DianeAK

    I love your tutorials. The disappearing hour glass was a lot of fun. I want to make Jack and Jill next. Thank you so much.

  • Alice

    I appreciate the tutorials! They are quick, entertaining, precise and clear. Little tips and stories are beneficial to assist in correct placement of the pieces in blocks and arrangement of the same blocks in many manners to create different quilts. The facts necessary to remember are highlighted making its reference easy to locate. Best of all these tutorials are pleasantly presented free of charge. Unique fun experiences for all!

  • Kaye Hardin Walker

    Thank you, Jenny for making quilting fun and easy to do. I love using your videos to make quilts. I also subscribe to Block. I love the patterns. The instrutions are easy to understand and I enjoy reading
    the stories about you and your family. I especially love the mystery to are writing. I can hardly wait for the next issue!

  • Linda Stewart

    I really enjoyed the prairie flower quilt tutorial with Jenny. It was very well explained and demonstrated, step by step. I will enjoy making or using this pattern on my next quilt. Thank you for expert guidance. I love your new site, easy to navigate.

  • Gloria

    So enjoy watching your tutorials. I have struggled with binding in the past and was doing them wrong so they were not turning out too nice, but after watching your binding tutorial, my bindings have greatly improved. When I watch your tutorials, I feel like we have been friends for years Thank you Jenny

  • Lauren Lopatic Eberhard

    Thanks for all the easy directions to follow when making your quilt designs. I’ve been quilting for many many years and find all the new ways of making a block very inspiring.

  • Elizabeth

    That is a very good idea!

  • Rene D.

    love your show and BLOCK . will the Prairie Flower quilt pattern be in the next BLOCK magazine? thanks

  • Doug Manche

    I love your tutorials but what I love the most about them is you! You are a cheerful, down to earth person that I enjoy listening to and watching. Thank you! If you could provide a PDF link with your tutorials I would be ever so grateful!

  • Doris Jean Gardner

    I love all of your tutorials! You make them easy to do!!

  • Karyn Waynescott Wiseman

    great idea

  • Vicki Kolstad

    You could get only sale items from sale bin on previous website. Is that an option with new one?

  • Betty Manoulian

    Suggestion:It would be helpful to have a space on the form (and prints on the invoice) where we can make a notation as to what project the item(s) purchased will be used for. As it is now, when I place an order, I write down the order number and what I plan to make with it. I have SEVERAL projects planned and by the time I get around them, I may not remember which pre-cuts were purchased for the project.

  • Debra Schultz

    I agree. I’m in the same boat. I am new to quilting so I’m trying to organize all the great projects that I come across.

  • Betty Manoulian

    Debra, I’m pretty new to the quilting scene also. I have been making notes when I place an order, then when they arrive I put the fabrics (jelly roll, layer cake, etc.) in a Ziploc bag along with the packing slip and a notation of the project it will be used for. I also make a notation of Jenny’s tutorial that influenced the project. I hope this idea works for you. Happy Quilting.

  • Betty Manoulian

    Doug, I had the opportunity of attending one of Jenny’s trunk shows while visiting my sister in Florida. Jenny is EXACTLY the same in person as she is in her tutorials. Her hubby, Ron, is also a great gentleman. Regarding a PDF link I don’t think that will happen. Most of her tutorials are available inher BLOCK books.

  • Doug Manche

    Ok. Thank you for the response. I do subscribe to the block magazine And I will check it out a little closer. Typically, I see the tutorial online and get inspired and want to buy things right that moment!!! By the time I figure out a yard if this and a piece of that, what are the materials names, etc. I lose my desire and give up and move on. If I could either click and order on the spot or have a pdf with all my needs and general instructions then I would buy more. But I guess hunting scrounging and investigating is all part of the fun, lol.