Market time already!?

Market time already!?

My-my, we have been busy around here!  I can not believe that October is almost over.  {can you??}

Well, Mom and I are packing our bags to head to Houston for Quilt Market.  Are any of you going? Anyone going to Festival?  If you are in the area we’d love to meet you!

We have been busier than ever lately, did you see us on the Moda Bakeshop yesterday!?!?  We are so excited when we get to do fun things like that, and sure appreciate you all for stopping in to say hi!  We put together a printable tutorial for that project if you are interested you can find it here.

Well, I best be packing my bag…is there anything you are dying to know about Market??  Can I look for something special for you while I’m there?  Let me know in the comments…

Hope you have a great day!



  • Dave’sWife

    I love this quilt so much!!! It’s so beautiful!!! Glad it made it to the modabakeshop 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Great tutorial. I LOVE the idea of making two quilts at once, especially with Christmas coming! Thanks so much for the printable instructions.

  • Wnjbabj101

    just have a wonderful time and bring home any super quick ideas!!  most of which Jenny will come up with on her own i am sure…:)  I am still dazed by her last one that makes two quilt designs from one cutting and a diagonal stitching!!  thanks girls.. enjoy.. GrammaBabs

  • Oceanlover2803

    Wait, the market isn’t open to the public is it?  Bummer!  I live near Houston.  Will yall be back for the quilt festival in November?

  • Dottie Hamann

    Please bring back some children and baby fabric lines, to make quilts specifically just for them.  I make quilts for children in hospitals and it would be nice if the fabric actually was just for them.  Thanks very very much Dottie Hamann

  • Carol

    I want to know everything about Market!!!  Please takes lots of pics and we will expect a full report of all the exciting happenings there.  Oh, have some fun too!!!!

  • Jleko

    Thanks for all you do. You make us feel like family! I love your tutorials. I love the quilt you picture here. Thanks again!

  • Nanasrcool

    Have a great time at the market!  I am in Dallas.  I wish they had a quilt show here!!  If they did, you could bet I would be there and look forward to meeting you.  It would take all I had not to give you a hug!  You have helped me more than I can say!  Jenny, you gave me back my life.  I know that sound melodramatic, but believe me when I say it is no exaggeration. 

    I did see you on the moda bake shop.  That is where I find most of my patterns and download them.   I am making one from there right now out of Sunkissed. 

    See if you can find any kits that have the stained glass look.  There are just not enough of those.  I am also looking for a really good memory quilt pattern using family photos printed on my printer.  I wish you guys carried the Bubble Jet 2000.  I have another place I can get it but I try to buy as much from you guys as possible.  I feel a sense of loyalty to you. 

    Take care and have a good time.  I hope the weather is great for you! 

  • Texasgirl

    Will you remain for the festival? I would love to meet you in person, This is the first time I have ever attended the IQF. I have heard about it for years, but have only recently started quilting, so now I really want to go. Sadly, due to work commitments, I can only attend the festival on Saturday, so I hope you will still be there.  I love all of your tutorials and reading this blog as well as the forums. I have ordered several items from you and I really appreciate the notes you include on the invoice.  Don’t be surprised over all of the southernly love you will receive here, so be prepared for lots of hugs. Hope you and your Mom (Jenny) don’t mind, ’cause I will probably want to give you a big ‘ole Texas hug too. Looking forward to seeing you and your cute booth.

  • I want to know everything about Market!!!yes,it is just what i wanna say…

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