Introducing: Quilts By Me!

Introducing: Quilts By Me!

If you’re anything like us here at MSQC, every time you make a quilt or do a sewing project, you want to share it with the world (and you should!!!).  You might post it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, etc, but it doesn’t really have a home of its own… until now!  We are so excited to introduce you to!


Quilts By Me is a Show & Tell for your quilts and sewing projects! As a community of quilters, we all have a desire to create. We start with a few fabrics that we have carefully selected and we transform them into something that has a life and a story of its own! It’s an incredible transformation and once we’ve experienced it, we want to share it with our fellow quilters, who are creating and experiencing similar transformations.  I can’t even say how many times I’ve been moved or inspired by another quilter’s projects or stories.  With Quilts By Me, you’ll have a home for your creations as well as a place to become inspired by others!  We wanted to create a home for this amazing community and we hope you feel welcome here!

quiltsbyme screenshot

It’s a user friendly website and a great way to have a collection of all your creations in one spot. You can browse, ❤ your favorite projects created by other users, follow your friends or people whose work you enjoy, search by precut/style/project type… basically it’s amazing!  Once you play around a little bit with it, we know you’ll just love it!

Here’s what you need to know to get started.

First, if you already have an account with, you do not have to SIGN UP.  You can simply choose the LOG IN option.

quiltsbyme homepage

It will give you the option to “LOGIN WITH MISSOURI STAR QUILT CO.”  Click there, then type in the same information you use to log in to when making purchases.quiltsbyme login

When you log in for the first time, you can set up your account.  Add a profile picture, fill out your info, etc.  When choosing your username, keep in mind that it is your username, not your real name, that shows whenever you share a new project or someone looks at your profile.

Now you’re ready to browse or create a project!  You can share the quilt’s story, include which precuts you used, add a few tags (keywords like the color, pattern, etc), tell which fabric collection and tutorial you used, add photos, etc.

As you participate, you will have the opportunity to earn badges that will be displayed on your profile page!  These are so fun!

quiltsbyme badges screenshot

If you have questions along the way, scroll to the bottom of the site and click on Contact Us. Someone will reply as soon as they can to assist you.

We hope you love and find it to be a home for your quilts and a great way to connect with the quilting community, build each other up and be inspired.  Enjoy!

  • mrsrabbit01

    What a great idea. I am excited to have a special place for all of us quilters.
    Thank you.

  • Laurie G

    Sadly it won’t recognize me from my MSQC account. Log in failed is what I get.

  • Stephanie S

    its a seperate registration, not the same log in as the actual page where we order stuff from Laurie …

  • Marie Martins

    Hi, I love this site as it gives us a sense of community to browse through creative journey of other quilters. I have noticed that when I upload my photos, they are are super-enlarged and do not show very well from the originals. Is there someway to fix this. many thanks.

  • Kathy Haydysch

    What a great idea and we all know quilters are such a caring and sharing group. I can’t wait until I can post something and look forward to all the inspiration I will draw from this.

  • We have been making changes to the site to improve this problem, I hope you find it to be better now! 🙂

  • You will have to make a special account in order to log in. 🙂