Introducing Man’s Land in Hamilton, MO!

Introducing Man’s Land in Hamilton, MO!

Behind every woman in a quilt shop is a man carrying 15+ bolts of fabric and begging her to stop buying more! It’s a classic tale that’s been around for years. But it’s about to change if we have a say in the matter! Amid our eleven quilt shops here in Hamilton you’ll now find Man’s Land, a lounge and billiards area for the men to enjoy! (Find a list of all our shops HERE.)

Man's Land from Missouri Star Quilt Co. in Hamilton, MO.Take a a nice long look at these comfy recliners, but watch out! Sit down for “just a minute” and you’ll never want to get back up! They’re all facing two big screen TV’s. It’s the perfect setup for watching the big game or getting some shut-eye. Go ahead, take a load off!

Man's Land from Missouri Star Quilt Co. in Hamilton, MO.

Man’s Land is warm, rustic and inviting so you’ll feel right at home… and maybe forget about how much money your wife is spending on fabric 😉

Man's Land from Missouri Star Quilt Co. in Hamilton, MO.

Ahh, so peaceful and relaxing! There’s even a section dedicated to our favorite manly quilter, Rob Appell of Man Sewing! Check out his YouTube Channel HERE!

Man's Land from Missouri Star Quilt Co. in Hamilton, MO.

The name Man’s Land was around a long time in Hamilton before Missouri Star even existed and that’s where we got our inspiration for a manly hangout. We love our small town and we love restoring the buildings to bring them new life. We hope this little haven will give you the opportunity to stay a little longer and feel rested and refreshed by the time you have to go!

  • Mommajo6

    Fantastic! Why haven’t other bigger shops done this? Oh, cost 😉

  • Julia Thornburg

    This is great! For years my husband has mentioned this idea to quilt shops — they just nod and smile. What they don’t realize is, if he is comfortable and happy — I get to shop longer.
    My husband is the type that encourages me to shop — Love that man!

  • Irene Stephen

    They have one in Jedburgh, Scotland UK 🙂

  • Marty’s Girl

    One of my local quilt shops has a Man;s Land…. but you have taken it to a new high! very nice. I”m showing it to my hubby.

  • Sue money

    We r coming!!! Snowbirds yay. Will b there in November. Showed mans land to my husband he was impressed. Do u have coffee too???

  • Gloria Baschke

    You are a VERY smart business woman – but with all that you have a reputation of being the most down to earth person people have ever met – I don’t have a husband but really want to come and visit – take a retreat – and spend quality time with real people – thank you for all you have done for quilting. One of the grand winners is in one of quilt guilds I belong and reports back that her experience for winning was absolutely fabulous.

  • Liz Powell

    Is this open to Adult Daughters too; she is NOT a sewist!