Hamilton Visitor’s Guide: Missouri Star Retreat Center

Hamilton Visitor’s Guide: Missouri Star Retreat Center

By popular vote on Facebook, today we’re profiling the Missouri Star Sewing Center (aka “the retreat center”)!

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Open to groups of 10 or more, our retreat center can sleep up to 37 quilters! We rent the facility to guilds and groups for private events and also offer several MSQC retreats and “Sew with Jenny” classes. Check out the upcoming offerings here!


Before we get started, we’ll share that TONS of details about booking the center, rates, FAQs, etc are located in this link, so head there for the nitty gritty. In this post, we’ll poke our nose around and check out the sleeping rooms, sewing space, kitchen and show what the retreat center looks like in a million photos (or less). Ready?


When you arrive, you’ll likely find Jean, smiling away while she works at the check-in desk. I like to call her “Jean, Jean the Retreat Center Queen.” Jean can answer questions and show you around (as long as the facility isn’t closed for a private event). Her e-mail address is retreats@missouriquiltco.com. Here’s a tip: our phone number routs to customer service, so that e-mail is the most direct way to reach Jean about the retreat center.


The retreat center features a full kitchen! Coffee pot, plates, mugs, silverware. You name it, we’ve got it here for you. There’s a nice big counter for serving up food or snacks for your group.

Curious about other food options during your stay? Recently, quilt guilds staying here have ordered Casey’s pizza, grabbed Subway sandwiches (across the street!), dined at J’s Burger Dive and Poppy’s Bakery (right next door!), picked up food at the local grocery store (on the same block!). Some groups bring in continental-style breakfasts and stock the pantry and fridge for their members.

Just off the kitchen is a back deck area, perfect for some outdoor stitching!


The main floor has tables for sewing and also large round tables for gathering, eating or spreading out for some machine quilting. Don’t have your machine with you? You can reserve and rent one of the Baby Lock Melody machines we have on hand!


There is an outlet next to every table! No worries about tripping over extension cords!



The space is BRIGHT! Natural light and indirect lighting fill the room. One of our main goals was a well-lit space for sewing. One recent group vouched for the fact that it is just as bright when you’re sewing at 1 o’clock in the morning!

A sound system is available for spinning some tunes and free WiFi is there for those moments when you want to refer to an online tutorial (we hear there are some cool ones on YouTube. Haha!).


The main floor also features two half baths and access to two main floor bedrooms, each with a private full bath. These rooms feature queen beds and are reserved for those who cannot physically navigate the steps to the second floor. These rooms are not handicapped accessible by ADA standards.


Back by the front door and Jean’s desk is a small sitting area, great for hand sewing or taking a quilting break.

Ready to head upstairs?

IMG_1308 IMG_1312

Upstairs, you’ll find a large hall with eight sleeping rooms, each with a different number of beds (most twins, some queen). You’ll see LOTS of quilts on the walls in the hallways and bedrooms. The repeated washing and hot water needed to clean the bedding keeps us from putting quilts on beds, but you can bet we’ve covered other available space with quilty goodness!


Six private baths are in their own hallway.


These baths are bright and clean and about as far from “camping” as you can get! Guests keep asking where we bought the towels, so they must be pretty awesome!

IMG_1323 IMG_1324

Each room has a crazy comfy bed and cushy pillow. Bedding is provided, of course. This isn’t a campground, folks! Ha!


IMG_1327 IMG_1333 IMG_1335 IMG_1341 IMG_1347

Each room has a counter, mirror and space for hanging clothes.


And we can engage the room lock codes if you wish.


Back downstairs in the kitchen, we find some very excellent advice:


So! That’s the full tour! What’d you think? We’re so thrilled with this building and absolutely LOVE meeting all of the great guests we’ve had the chance to host. Some recent guests included 33 members of the Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild. They rented the facility for a private event, their annual weekend-long retreat. Here are two photos of their end-of-retreat show and tell, including a few bits of their feedback about the retreat center, in case you want the scoop from a guest perspective!

photo 2

“Retreat center was clean and so well lit. Room/bathrooms were great, towels were luxurious, mattresses and pillows very comfy.”

“Beautiful facilities, great space, incredible lighting! I didn’t want to leave.”

“This was the best retreat location I have ever been too. From the rooms, to the sewing space to the helpful employees everything was handled with care. Especially enjoyed the tours and learning the history as well as the future plans for the MSQC.”

photo 3

“The beds were perfection. The fluffy towels were awesome. Everything was so bright, clean and simply decorated. Every single person was so nice and helpful to us. The little treats in our bed at night were not necessary but such a fun surprise. I’ll treasure those.”

“Amazing lighting (AMAZING!), extremely comfy beds, fluffy pillows and towels. Jean could not possibly be a better hostess. So welcoming and happy! The price is an excellent value for the atmosphere and cleanliness and nearby shopping. The sound system and Wifi are wonderful!”

Hearing that feedback makes us so happy! We love this opportunity we have to provide a retreat location for others!


We hope you loved this stop on our tour of Hamilton. Be sure to check out previous posts to get the full tour! Thanks for joining us. We can’t wait to see you here soon!

  • JenniferMSQC

    Road trip??

  • JenniferMSQC

    Thanks so much, Janey! We’ll keep sharing pics!

  • JenniferMSQC

    Good idea to bring your chair! So prepared!

  • JenniferMSQC

    We can’t wait for your visit, Jilly!!

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    Thank you so much, @juliesherman:disqus!

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    Thanks, @disqus_dttICo7ypz:disqus! And yes, we agree completely. DESSERT. FIRST. And second, third…

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    OH! Yes, please!

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    Thanks so much, Irene! We’ve had so many amazing visitors. Hope you can be one some day, too!

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    Love it! We are soooo honored!

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    Karen, is correct. We don’t want to leave you guys out. Asking around on the paint color. I’ll let you know. Thanks!!

  • Bonnie Moothart

    My sister and I visited Hamilton last week, and it is absolutely the Disney Land for Quilters, with the Sewing Center as the royal palace!! It is simply wonderful…wonderful accommodations! The rooms are splendid with quilts on the walls, the sewing area is light and spacious, the kitchen area cannot be beat, and a beautiful open stairway carries you to the bedrooms! Jean was so kind and toured us around the center, and would have set us up to sew had we wanted to! We were just simply enamored. Looking forward to attending a class or open sew.

  • JenniferMSQC

    Thanks so much, @Enchanted:disqus. We love it! Hope you’ll come for a visit soon!

  • lvotaw

    Love these pictures of the center! Five of my friends and I are coming for the Mystery Quilt retreat 12-31-14 and we could not be more excited! Can someone tell me if it is recommended to bring my small table Ott light? Also,does the site have any “tall” tables for cutting (I have my table leg extenders I could bring that really save my back while cutting). I feel so lucky to have this wonderful facility just an hour from my home – Go Royals!!

  • Lvotaw

    Five friends and I attended the “Mystery Quilt” retreat on 12-31-14 and what a great way to end the year! First we were met at our car by some wonderful young gentlemen who were there to help carry all our sewing baggage to the retreat center. The center was as terrific as it looks on line, so bright and fresh (did not need my lamp). I had a great time working on the quilt, chatting with other quilters (shout out to the gals from Polo, Liberty and Des Moines!) Lunch was an amazing smorgasbord of food brought by all the quilters to share (quilting burns a lot of calories right??). We were even joined by Jenny’s son Alan for a chat! Many of the Missouri Star staff came round to introduce themselves and we were given a tour of the upstairs – the hanging quilts are not to be missed! We were sorry that Jenny could not join up but were thrilled with the signed book – thanks to all the staff for a wonderful day we will not forget!

  • Judy Sammon

    I want to say that me and my friend also attended the “Mystery Quilt” again this year. We attended last year and had a blast both times. We would of liked to spend the day with Jenny but we had a wonderful time with the other ladies.Everyone is so friendly and helpful.

  • So glad you enjoyed your visit and the retreat! 🙂

  • Judy, we’re also sorry you couldn’t see Jenny. I hope you get the chance to meet her!! So glad you enjoyed the retreat!

  • Brenda Wathier

    Looks wonderful-wish I lived closer!!

  • Kathy

    Is there a 2015 schedule for retreats?

  • Donya Beasley Frontauria

    This looks like an amazing space to spend a long weekend or more. Saving up for a trip to Missouri now!

  • Debby Werth

    Be ready! 30 ladies from Kansas are ON THEIR WAY!

  • Judy Pennington

    .Can’t wait to be able to meet Jenny and attend a retreat.

  • Denise Dodd

    I think it looks wonderful and what an amazing experience to have and make friends at the same time. Everyone who goes must love it and make lasting memories. We have nothing like this what I know of in the UK and I doubt I will get to go to you, so if you ever expand over sea’s, head to Leicester I be waiting.

  • Maggie

    Hello I am from Oz Land too ,I was wondering what airport did you get off when you went to the retreat as I am planing on going to one in January 2017 and have never travel over sea’s before I hope this is alright to ask you as you don’t know me.

  • Patricia Lavallee

    The remark about tables and wood floors was in poor taste. I have wood floors in my whole house and I put those little felt stick on pads under legs of all my furniture to prevent scrapes & scratches. Easy fix, not that I’m implying I agree with her!! & as far as the tables: those ‘lifetime tables’ are heavy and FAR from cheap!! I use them at home and also for craft fairs.
    Great job MSQC: it’s on me & my bff’s bucket list to attend an open retreat with you!! Love it and everything you do!!

  • Dianne S Paxton-Pringle

    It is to bad one person has to be so negative.. The place looks Great ” Wonderful.”
    . Can’t wait to talk hubby into my visit ! Good going you all !!!!!

  • Dianne S Paxton-Pringle

    By the way, I love it when you put a tutorial on with the Daily Deal.. then you can see what the products looks like and gives fresh ideas. Thanks you make sewing exciting !

  • Dawn Fuqua

    Having just come home from the most wonderful sewing experience ever, the tables were not even thought of or the floor. I attended the Me and My Sister PJ Party retreat and was very thankful to have lovely wood floors instead of concrete or hard tile, and I had a large table all to myself. Please do not comment about something you have not experienced firsthand.

  • Rhonda Warren

    I cannot say enough wonderful things about MSQC’s Sewing Center and Retreats! Our bee, The Undercover Quilters of Zebulon, NC, had the pleasure of being guests in July 2017. Cindy and Susan were our hostesses with the mostesses! Not only are these ladies highly entertaining, they are accomplished quilters ready to address questions and assist in anyway. The entire crew, including shop staff, cleaning team, caterers, went above and beyond. The center is gorgeous. If you need something, you canbjust pop out and get it from the precious stores lining Main Street, Quilt USA. The bests are quite comfortable, but you may want to bring an extra pillow. My favorite part of the retreat was Jenny’s trunk show. I was in awe at everything she had to show us – I mean truly amazed! She spins blocks this way and that and makes beautiful things. Jenny is one smart cookie! Not only that, she totally gorgeous in person. On the videos, she looks like any quilter we may come across. But in real, life she is a svelte, tall, fashionable blonde! Jenny and Ron were gracious with their time letting everyone get photos. If your group is considering a visit to Hamilton, I cannot recommend it more highly! I left feeling I got more for my money than the price of the event.