FYI  {Just so you know}

FYI {Just so you know}

We were thrilled with the huge response to our Cyber Monday specials (and that faster server) that we are still recovering from all the love!  (aka: orders!!)

THANK YOU!  I just wanted to share that we are working as hard as we possibly can to get all the orders out and to you as soon as possible!  However, it might not be quite as fast as you’re used too!

I don’t have any more family members I can con into working for us, and am looking for more helpers!!  LOL!

Things are just hopping and I can hardly believe that we are in December now!  (hello, December.)  I have a pretty exciting month of giveaways planned and can’t wait to share it with you!  Watch in your email for the newsletter!  It’s gonna be a good one!

Have a wonderful day!!


As a side note, if you are still seeing an old daily deal on the site, just hit the refresh button and you’ll get the new one. We are fixing that little quirk as we speak! – Al

Getting ready to process Cyber Monday 🙂

  • Bonny Boettcher

    I sent my mom my wish list on Monday so she can get free shipping.  Such a nice daughter I am.

  • Wnjbaj101

    Keep us the good work Sara…. as i say to myself each day when struggling to dress the “upper portion” of my body… Be Careful what you wish for!!!!!!!!!!!!!  LOL
    You girls are the best… your well worth waiting a little longer for!!!  I will always be first loyal to MSQC…. after all,,, you started by “sharing” that’s what makes you special…other co.’s could take a lesson from you people… hugs GrammaBabs aka Barbara

  • Myrna

    I placed an order late yesterday afternoon and had a shipping notice e-mail this morning.  Couldn’t ask for faster or better service.  MSQC is the best!

  • Mimi2concarcal

    I look forward to the Daily Deal’s. I have bought several of them and after Christmas, I will start work on something special for gifts. Reba

  • Keep up the good work.  After reading this blog notice I was shocked to receive my order Friday.  I had expected it to take longer just due to the volume of overall mail levels.  Thanks 

  • Granny Cooper

    Thank you for the faster server 🙂

  • Sarah

    Yay! Great to hear! 

  • Sarah

    You are very welcome!!

  • Sarah

    Hahah!  You know, I bet she really appreciates it!!  🙂  Have a great week!!

  • Sarah

    LOL, you crack me up!!  You are so sweet!! Thanks for those kind words!  I am so in love with our customers!  You guys are all the best!  Thanks for the loyalty!  Have a fabulous week!

  • Sarah

    So glad to hear this!   Have a  fabulous week!

  • Sarah

    Can’t wait to see what you make!

  • Carolyn King

    I don’t know how you could get it to me any faster.  I just love you guys!!  I wish we were related and could spend the holidays together. 🙂  Thank you for your inspiration!!

  • Sarah

    Oh boy, wouldn’t that be fun!!!  🙂  

  • Jennaleigh820

    i placed my order on cyber monday and i was so surpise how fast i got it….i know you ladies would be busy at work so i thought it would take a while… happy with my order and thankyou to all you ladies who shiped it out fast

  • Sarah

    Love hearing this!!  YAY!!  Thanks for letting us!

  • Sarah

    know!  LOL, I guess i should finish my thoughts!!  🙂  

  • Sad Quilter

    Where’s Brock:(