From Jenny’s Studio: The Word of the Year

From Jenny’s Studio: The Word of the Year

I don’t know about you, but I love looking into the minds of creative people. Every creative person has their own unique thought process to bring about a finished work of art! Have you ever wondered how Jenny thinks up so many wonderful tutorials for you? Well, we hope to be able to give you a glimpse into Jenny’s creative process through this new series, “From Jenny’s Studio”. Stay tuned, and follow along with Jenny’s journey. #jennysews

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A new year is a new opportunity to reflect. Many people choose one or several New Year’s Resolutions, but this year for the first time, Jenny decided to pick a word of the year to use as a focus in her life. After some thought and personal reflection, she chose the word ‘BALANCE’ with the hope of spending more time outside, doing more of the things she loves to do, and making time in her schedule to focus on her own personal wellness.

So what does a quilter do with her selected word of the year? She makes a quilted wall hanging, of course! It came from a different project that Jenny had started, but she didn’t love how it turned out. Here’s what she said, “This whole thing is so symbolic to me. The fabric I used is part of an old quilt that I started and never could get it the way I wanted. So it has a new start and life in this project. The colors remind me of the earth sky and the water… these are things I love that I haven’t been taking enough time for.”

Jenny sews her word of the year!

She asked her daughter Natalie to print off the letters and then she traced them on to Heat And Bond and fused them onto quilt blocks. Then she cut them out and blanket stitched them on to the background, then straight line quilted the whole thing on her sewing machine.

Jenny created this project to hang in her studio to remind herself to strive for balance in all of the things that make her happy and healthy.

Jenny gets connected with her word of the year!

Have you chosen a word to live by this year? We would love to hear of all the things you are working on in your life in the comments!

  • Karen

    Scraps!! (use them up)

  • Bev Gunn

    one step at a time get things DONE! I am working on one project a week and making great progress!

  • Joanne Austin-Sproat

    My word is Be loved! It is my centering word! Shopping my stash and buying what I need for the project!

  • Charlotte Cline

    Jenny, I love the word balance! It is a perfect goal. Too often and for a variety of reasons we forget about our health in one way or another. When we realize it it is difficult to make the change. So easy to do the normal routine. Sending my best. I’ll be watching you. xo

  • Pamela Balcom

    My word is honor. Very humbling word!

  • Mary Ann Brown

    Hi Jenny, my word is LOVE. God is so very good. Sent my quilt yesterday to be quilted. Love you Jenny and my life. You helped change my life.

  • Cheryl Taylor

    My word in 2017 is Charity…whether that be making more quilts for the various charitable organizations our club supports, or being more charitable to those around me by helping them with their projects or just being a good listener, or being more charitable in my own thoughts. I’ve been so blessed to be where I am and who I am in my life right now. I want to up my game in giving back to the world around me. Charity…that’s the word I live by.

  • Katha Dill

    My word is “peace”. I’m striving for peace within as I move through this first year of grieving the loss of my husband. He passed away last April at the age of 66. We had been married for 47 years. We have 3 children, 14 grandchildren, and 6 g-great grandchildren. He was the love of my life. We had many happy years together so I have precious memories, but it’s never enough time. My faith, my family, and friends have been my support this year. For a long time, it was hard to do some of the things I liked to do which sewing was at the top of the list. I am now back to sewing and quilting and enjoy seeing your specials each day and have added to my stash. I love watching your tutorials even when I couldn’t sew. You may not realize the joy you bring to many people. Thank you for bringing some joy to my life especially this past year.

  • Lee Brinkley

    My word is LEARN. I just retired (02.01.17 was the first day of my new life) and as a relatively new quilter (only about 3 years) I now have time to study and learn this wonderful skill of quilting!! Thanks to your videos and tutorial you are helping me tremendously!! I’m so excited to set up my new studio (building a new house) and learn, learn, learn!!!

  • Susie Thomas

    What a fabulous post! I have done the same, no resolutions, just a word as well. Well, two words. BE COMMITTED is my phrase/word. My husband pointed out that could be taken two ways, and he is correct and it could be true! However, it is meant to focus me on what is before me, whatever that is at the moment. I have a tendency to have too much going on at one time and not being committed to one thing at a time. I still struggle, but I am working on it!

  • Susie Thomas

    My thoughts and prayers to you during this difficult time. I pray you find you peace. I agree, Jenny a MQC bring joy daily!

  • Katha Dill

    Thank you 😊

  • Vona baio

    Jenny so glad to hear you are taking steps toward being healthier. As mothers and wives that is usually the last thing we do for ourselves. My word is positive always trying to stay positive when things are tough. I love your videos, keep making them and keep smiling.😄

  • Diane Scott

    Hi Jenny, I love the idea of having a word for the year. And I love what you did with your word. Thinking of a word for me, what keeps coming up is ‘Hope’. So there you go, mine is hope.

  • Laurie Hayes

    This makes me smile!

  • kathy (wants to learn)

    I can relate to this

  • kathy (wants to learn)

    to finish, I am 2 years retired and still recovering from the experience. For the last 7 years of my employed life, it was multi-task, to the point that if you focused on a single task you were criticized, or even reprimanded. Now, the latest research shows that multi-tasking (other than for moms with kids, no wonder moms get burned out) results in tasks poorly completed, in errors being made (and I worked in a medical office). I wonder if the hospital-based office has eased up a bit – after all, every task gets interrupted at times. Can’t ignore the ringing phone, or the husband needing nourishment.

  • Ilona Goynes

    Jenny, thanks for all the smiles you gave to me with all your tutorials. I am a fairly new quilter. 2017 did not start out to good for me. Between Hospital stays and beeing on Short Term Disability from work there is not very much what could make
    me feel better but watching your tutorials. So when I saw a couple of comments about “prayers for you ” etcetera…….What happened? I am sorry…Hope you’re taking it easy. Lots of hugs and love……from Ilona

  • Kathlene Larson

    I love your word. It’s been my word for so many years. Still working on it. Your smile makes everything right Jenny!

  • Patty Gregory Fugitt

    My word is HUMOR. I’m triving to be more humorous and to include more HUMOR in my life.

  • Sue Dee

    My word is FUN. I am retired and don’t feel as if I need to prove anything to anyone, myself included so my life is about FUN for me and those around me. Of course that includes making lots of quilts and giving most to charitable organizations.

  • Fran Bender

    I am a newby retired lady and I need to focus on making more Quilts with all the fabric I have, I also want to donate them to Charity. So my word for the year is “Focus”. Thanks Jenny for all you do for all of us !

  • Mavis Decker Scribner

    My word is “Get ‘er done!”

    Lol actually, three words. But, finished is better than perfect, when it’s a gift for a growing child, an aging adult, a point of celebration.

    Time to tick off those “to do list” items to make room for renewal and fresh starts for next year.

  • Kathy Haggarty

    Hi Jenny. I did my first ever jelly roll quilt top. So much fun! My question is this: how do you quilt it? Straight lines, maybe on the diagonal or big diamonds? I’m not very good at freestyle yet. Thanks for your help. Kathy

  • MimiLisa

    For years, my saying has been “stuff happens.” After dealing with chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and various other issues over the past 25 years I find it is comforting to know that although stuff happens God is always in control.

  • joanne walker

    Another great idea from Jenny

  • Jamie Willhite

    Hi, you made me smile. All of my immediate family have past and I’ve been thinking a lot about them. Our family name is Newby. Welcome to the family and your desire to donate quilts. That is a goal of mine as well. May I adopt your word “Focus” as well and I can be successful also. Keep stitching!

  • Karen Fulbright

    How I can relate to your issues… it has been 12 years for me. I admire your fortitude. GOD is good!

  • Karen Fulbright

    Same for me! Thanks for your share!

  • Karen Fulbright

    Sounds like our husbands have something in common! LOL! Thank you for sharing your struggle.

  • Karen Fulbright

    I can’t even imagine! So very sorry you’ve lost your other half. Glad that you’re coming around. When things all boil down in the end, all we have is our Faith in GOD, and family and friends. Blessings… wishing you a “JOYFUL” year.

  • hjs2000


  • Katha Dill

    Thank you 😊

  • Maryjo E.

    What a great idea. I’m taking care of a lot of people this year: my mom has gone blind, my great-niece & nephew are babies, plus my own kids and a husband. Lots of words come to mind, I will have to think about which to use.

  • HalonaB

    This is such a great idea! I need to make a couple of these to hang in my sewing room. One that says “Passion” and one that says “Time”. I never have enough time do to my passion of quilting!