Forum Ornaments Christmas Tree

Forum Ornaments Christmas Tree

The Missouri Star Quilt Company Forums are a magical place.  If you need a friend, advice, an honest opinion or just someone to understand how deep your love for fabric truly is, then the forums are the place to go.  We’ve been amazed by what goes on there.  I don’t know how our forum members ever have the time to actually quilt because it seems like they’re always there, eager to answer a question or give a vote of encouragement.  It’s amazing and it’s all because of the forum members!

Well some of our super knowledgable and supportive forum members have taken on a special project.  They created a group that would set out to create stunning, handmade ornaments to send to Hamilton, Missouri for our shops.  We were so impressed by what we received that we had to give them a supreme location all on their own.  So, in the front window of The Sewing Center, we have our Forum Ornament Tree.  It truly is something special!  We LOVE every single ornament that was sent in and here are a few, so we can share the experience with you!

stocking quilt

tree 2


We had to take some in the evening to see how they looked with the tree all lit up!

2014-12-05 17
tree 1

ball ornament
missouri star ornament

THANK YOU to the super awesome M-Star Christmas Tree Ornament Party Group.  We adore every single ornament and are amazed by the time and talent that went into each one!!

  • Chrissie

    Happy New Year to the whole team of Missouri Quilt Company!

    Jenny, you are an inspiration! I live in the UK and just retired from paid work not knowing what I was going to do with the rest of my life having been so busy, no room/time for hobbies. I am now 70, mother of six, grandmother to twelve. My eldest daughter lives in Colorado. Anyway, I met some quilters and then I got my old sewing machine out and started watching your tutorials. They are such fun and so easy to follow, I love how you make things so easy to understand and making a mistake is not a tragedy. To date I have made four of my grandchildren bed quilts, Christmas ornaments, Christmas panels and Christmas place mats as gifts. Today I am so excited as I am just awaiting delivery of a brand new and better sewing machine that will have more stitches, quilt and embroider, I am so……..hooked! Also, I wish I could get hold of one of those Smart steam irons in the UK that you use but sadly we cannot use them over here in Europe because of the voltage/wiring/plugs, darn it!

    Jenny, Thank you for keeping me sane with your cheery outlook and your fun tutorials.

  • Donna

    I love the ornaments. How did you think of using foil when making the large round ones? Still hoping to get out to visit some day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Donna, we’d love to meet you! 🙂

  • What a wonderful message, Chrissie!! Thank you for your kind words!! So glad you’re sewing and quilting again!!