A Peek Inside the Florals Shop!

A Peek Inside the Florals Shop!

Love grows here, at the MSQC Florals Shop. If you’re a fan of florals, this is the shop for you!

floral sign

Bolts and precuts of floral prints fill these shelves from wall to wall and fabrics are displayed in flower pots. It’s a gorgeous site!

Floral blog

Our design team is pretty awesome… They designed and built this checkout table featuring decorative garden wall blocks and the stick  wall art to bring the outdoors in! How fun is that?!

Floral Checkout

You’ll find tons of great designers and collections in the Floral Shop, including Kaffe Fassett. Shop all floral fabrics online HERE.


Aren’t these lights so fun? And these hanging baskets are to die for! I wish I could hang out in here all day!

floral decor

The Floral Shop is the new home to our popular Quatrefoil Quilt too! Watch the tutorial HERE.


You can even find some MSQC Swag on display including this cute little MSQC Birdie Stuffed Toy that makes the “Quack!” sound when squeezed as well as the new “I Heart Jenny” T-shirts! You’ll be the envy of all the quilters you know with this shirt! If you can’t make it out to Hamilton, no worries! You can snatch these up online too. 🙂 

ducks blogWe hope you get the chance to come visit us in Hamilton and check out the new Floral Shop in person sometime! For information on upcoming events click HERE. Happy Quilting!



  • Kim

    The shop is just blooming with florals!

  • Carol

    Where did you get the hanging baskets. I love them

  • Brynda Raether

    All of their shops(11) are awesome! I can’t wait to get back there. My quilt group is researching a bus trip there in late August..

  • Laurie Colombo

    Love it…wonderful idea!

  • 2_katmom

    Oh boy, another MSQC quilt shop! I see a road trip to Hamilton in my future!

  • Jean Nolting

    Was there last week with a group from Fargo! My o My!

  • Jane Martin

    Hamilton is located in what state…?

  • Hamilton, Missouri. 🙂

  • That sounds like a great plan to me!! 🙂

  • That will be so much fun! You can email retreats@missouriquiltco.com to let us know when your bus will be coming. 🙂

  • Jane Martin

    needs to be in your heading for the site..don’t make people hunt for who what where or when…the 4 w’s…

  • Donna Perras

    The name should tell you. I’m sorry, but you can’t possibly think it’s called Missouri Star Quilt Co. because it’s in Arizona or Vermont???

  • Kathleen Beckman

    Seriously Jane Martin? Did you wake up this morning determined to find stupid stuff to complain about?

  • Grace Gemballa

    Love it would love to come see it may be someday 😍

  • Jennifer Burt

    We all have a brain skip now and then. But if MSQC moved to Vermont
    I’d be really happy, and a lot poorer!

  • Jade Bergeron

    Drove to Hamilton last year from South Louisiana to meet Jenny. Missed her by one day 😩. But I loved the shops. I hope to go back again some day. MO is a BEAUTIFUL state.

  • Gilly Anderson

    As a newbie British quilter, I am absolutely envioous of everyone who can pop in to the Hamilton shops. You are so lucky.
    However, God bless YouTube – at least we can all share in Jenny’s inspired video tutorials. I am now on quilt number five in as many months, and just can’t get enough of them!
    Good luck with the new shop, and thanks for helping me on the quilting journey.

  • Karen Brennan

    What a gorgeous shop. I continue to enjoy it via the emails and YouTube. Florals and batiks are my favorite fabrics. I wish you continued success. Now take a much deserved break.

  • Paula

    Love to come up there and shop…My husband is the driver and I am the shopper…

  • JWoosnam

    Would love to see my floral fabrics there! Looking forward to a visit soon.

  • Leonie Meggitt

    Who, can you please tell me the name of the Kaffe Fassett quilt in photo no.5 or the book that it is from. I just love the colours and design. Thanks
    Leonie Meggitt Australia

  • SusieV

    I think it’s the Friendship Braid. You can see it in one of Jenny’s tutorials.

  • Judy Corry

    Where did you get the lights in the floral shop?