Fabric Freebie – Awesome Ocean Quilt Kit

Fabric Freebie – Awesome Ocean Quilt Kit

This week we are giving away a whale of a Fabric Freebie! That’s right, one Awesome Ocean Quilt Kit by Elizabeth Hartman could be yours! We are also drawing for two more winners that will get a set of 3 patterns also by Elizabeth Hartman.

Click here for your chance to win this Awesome Ocean Quilt Kit!


Here’s how to enter:

  1. Click the Rafflecopter entry form below, and leave us a comment on this blog post, letting us know which sea creature from this quilt is your favorite!
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You could win all this fabric for FREE!


  • brlygr

    Has to be the turtle

  • K Van Dyke

    The seahorses are adorable!

  • Sharon ward

    It has to be the seahorse,

  • Sharon ward

    It has to be the seahorse,

  • Sharon ward

    It has to be the seahorse, so cute and now they have been found in the Thames magical

  • Laurie Benson

    I love the little sea otters

  • Tami

    It has to be the otter, so cute!

  • Elizabeth Ray

    Love the octopus

  • Janice King

    Love them all, but especially the Octopus.

  • rinekesturm

    I love the seahorses!

  • Kathleen Lambert

    I love the Otter…he’s so cute.

  • Susan Porter Shaffer


  • Cindy Atherholt Trepanier

    It’s hard to pick all cute. Sea otter I think.

  • Connie Ward

    Love the otter!!!

  • Trudy Keller

    The seahorse is adorable!

  • Christine Wienecke

    Traumhafte Farben. Ich würde eine riesen Decke entwerfen. Ich finde die Seepferdchen und den Wal, in Blau, am schönsten.

  • Shauntae Curtis-Panth

    The Otter is my fav!

  • Carolyn Gilmer Ort

    All adorable, but will pick the magical seahorse.

  • Patty Dudek

    Love them all but I’ll pick the whale!

  • Sue Kr

    Sea Otter

  • Cat G

    The otter is my favorite.

  • JennyM

    the octopus is my favorite.

  • Mary White

    Does a Mermaid count? If not, then the Sea Horse is my favorite!

  • Lynn Damewood

    The octopus is my favorite

  • Margaret McC

    I am eager to try an Elizabeth Hartman pattern. She is very talented and her patterns, particularly the alpaca one, are adorable. Love the otter in this design.

  • Dee

    Love the adorable seahorse!

  • Dee

    I love the seahorse

  • Katrine Ruth Ochitwa

    My favourite sea creature is the magnificent Orca, but on this quilt the otter is so cute.

  • Rhonda Hill

    I love all the creatures, but will have to admit that the seahorse if my favorite.

  • Hilary Bailey

    The pufferfish is adorable!

  • Brenda Iwami

    Toss up between the sea otter and the sea horse…cuteness overload!

  • Patty Frana

    All are adorable! I just finished the Fancy forrest, it was
    a challenge but I think I could do it again with the Awesome Ocean!

  • Gail

    I love the seahorse, but they are all cute

  • Rebecca Hooper

    I love the Otter! When my first born was a year old we took her to the aquarium. Her and an otter played patty cake with just a bit of glass between them. It was such a special moment, I’d love to remember it through a quilt ❤️ #wherestheotteremoji

  • Patti Kelly

    I love Elizabeth Hartman designs. This one looks like it would take awhile, but I’m retired so I have the time.

  • Eva

    Love all colors looks like a good challenge with all the beautiful colors.

  • Ann Brown Hutchinson

    Seahorse is my favorite

  • Lynda Hermann

    I love the mini fish and the puffer fish

  • Christine M

    The striped fish is my favorite.

  • Carolyn Frances

    My sister is making this quilt and it is so cute! The turtle is still my fav.

  • Shelia Hancock

    I love the Angel fish, they are bright and colorful.

  • I’ve been a youtube subsriber to you FOR EVER, love those quilt block tutorials SO much. Thanks for the chance to win some yummy fabric!

    Happy quilting everyone!

  • Julia Mibus

    Jelly fish, they are squishy and im called squishy by a few at work due to too many of us with similar names!

  • Beth B

    The seahorse is really cute. So are the turtles and whales. Actually, they all are.

  • Kim Lowry

    The turtle, determined no matter how long it takes!

  • Jill Gibbons Hansen

    The otter!!

  • Tammy Caron

    The Seahorse!!

  • Agnes Bayona Grimes


  • PK Solberg

    I love the graceful seahorse!

  • Becky Shafer

    The seahorse is my favorite!