Fabric Freebie – Awesome Ocean Quilt Kit

Fabric Freebie – Awesome Ocean Quilt Kit

This week we are giving away a whale of a Fabric Freebie! That’s right, one Awesome Ocean Quilt Kit by Elizabeth Hartman could be yours! We are also drawing for two more winners that will get a set of 3 patterns also by Elizabeth Hartman.

Click here for your chance to win this Awesome Ocean Quilt Kit!


Here’s how to enter:

  1. Click the Rafflecopter entry form below, and leave us a comment on this blog post, letting us know which sea creature from this quilt is your favorite!
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CLICK HERE!>>>  a Rafflecopter giveaway

You could win all this fabric for FREE!


  • Brooke

    I love otters but the entire quilt is beautiful!!

  • Denise Brown

    Pufferfish…sooo cute!

  • MC

    It’s all about the octopus!

  • Betty Jean Fessler

    I love the Whales but also love the otters.

  • Mara

    Love the octopus!

  • Paul Knight

    My favorite is the turtle. I love 🐢 so much that I have a tattoo of one.

  • Alexa Edick

    I’m a sucker for octopuses ❤️

  • Susan Moroney

    I love this quilt so much, it is so cute!

  • Tess thescrapper

    Love the otters

  • Sue Hoover

    I love the sea turtles! Their shells are cool.

  • Susan Laughlin Gray

    I love the octopus

  • Kit Ritter

    All these sea creatures are awesome! They have learned how to play well with each other! Otter is my grandsons name! How could I not love this quilt?

  • Marge Carlisle

    I made the forest quilt. Can’t wait to make the ocean!

  • veravisscher

    I just love the patterns from Elizabeth. Last week I started with Fancy Forest and it’s so much fun!

  • Breanna Davenport

    The seahorse is my favorite!

  • V Wms

    Love the seahorse! and thanks for a great giveaway opportunity!!

  • Julianna Carole Burgess

    Love anything pertaining to beach, sea. Love the fabrics!

  • Linda Dobson-Piper

    The seahorse is my favorite for sure!! <3

  • Jomama

    I love the whale.

  • Lenore Spencer

    This is an amazing give away thank you

  • Andria Skaff Niles

    The seahorse is the CUTEST! But so is the octopus! Too hard to decide!

  • Peggy Terry

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity – so awesome to see your business thriving. Love your YouTube tutorials.

  • monique atkinson

    My favorite little creature is the Sea Horse. Thank you for an opportunity to win.

  • I love this quilt – the seahorse is definitely my favorite. Thank you for the giveaway!

  • Cheryl Unger

    Definitely a fun quilt for kids to start a conversation and learn about their ocean environment.

  • Cheryl Unger

    My favorite creature is toss up between the octopus and the seahorse

  • Cheryl Unger

    Congrats on obtaining Pin Peddlers!

  • Judy

    Today I like the Whale the best

  • Betty Brown

    MY favorite is the blue seahorse I always like seahorses

  • Gaby Couvy

    Sea horses are the cutest

  • Katherine Rowena Sharp

    I really like the turtles!

  • Lisa

    Love them all, but seahorses are my favorites.

  • April Ansley

    I love the dark blue octopus on the top left!

  • Cheryl Unger

    I like seahorse

  • Jennifer Hunt

    The octopus is my favorite!

  • Moneik Stephens