New Friday Tutorial and Fabric Feature: Diamonds Squared Quilt featuring Uppercase Fabric!

New Friday Tutorial and Fabric Feature: Diamonds Squared Quilt featuring Uppercase Fabric!


50 light years from earth sits a white dwarf star with a core of pure diamond. Think of it! 10 billion trillion trillion carats, just floating around in outer space! (I’m suddenly feeling an inclination for space travel!) So beautiful, and yet, so out of reach! This new tutorial, however, features many diamonds that are easily accessible to even the least experienced quilter! This is one block that is as quick to make as it is pretty! It’s called Diamonds Squared and we know you’re just going to love it.

Watch the Diamonds Squared Tutorial with Jenny Doan!

Make sure to watch the tutorial so you can learn how to make your own Diamonds Squared Quilt!

Watch the Diamonds Squared Tutorial with Jenny Doan!

Watch the Diamonds Squared Tutorial with Jenny Doan!

This tutorial features the beautiful Uppercase 2.5″ Strips by Janine Vangool for Windham Fabrics. Aren’t they gorgeous? They’re so bright and happy that they give the perfect pop to this quilt! In fact, we love it so much that we’ve teamed up with Janine to do a little fabric feature and giveaway!


The Uppercase Fabric line was inspired by Uppercase Magazine, which was founded by Janine Vangool and is operated by her and her family. The rich, saturated colors paired with neutrals brings this line full circle for any project that might need some happy, positive energy. Janine used small scale monocromatic prints in her designs to add depth to each color that can be used as a more dynamic alternative to solid color fabrics. If you can’t tell, we love it!

So, today we’re giving away a 1-year subscription to Uppercase Magazine (North American addresses only), 3 single copies of Uppercase Magazine (North American Addresses only), as well as a beautiful Uppercase Fabric Bundle! Find out the ways to enter below (All entry options are optional, but you have to choose at least one to enter!) That means there will be FIVE winners!!


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  • Linda Stovall

    Something new to be excited about and stir up the creativity!

  • Gay McGee

    Thank you Jenny for giving me the inspiration and know how to get into quilting!

  • Susan Allen

    I love this fabric!

  • Helen Alice Osbourne

    I would love to win the Uppercase fabric bundle.

  • daylily

    Jen, I love all your tutorials, I have made a couple of your quilts, I have 12 UFOs, that I need to finish, but it has been so hot here that I haven’t felt like sewing. Hope to get started again starting next week.

  • Lindy Duree

    I am always looking for fabric with letters and words. My youngest, 35 now, has loved books all his life. One of the quilts I made him is a library book print. I love this quilt and the fabric.

  • Diane Firka

    Any time I make a mistake sewing I quickly chant in my head “I LOVE MY SEWING PROJECT”
    and I just keep on drivin’ down that wanderous road of quilting stitches!

  • Lizzy

    I love the colors and the tutorials. Thank you.

  • Linda Cwynar

    I watched the tutorial last night, The fabric has my favorite colors in it.

  • Marcia Kasprzyk

    Thank you for the opportunity, I enjoy getting the daily emails from you.

  • Shasta

    Thanks for the great tutorials. Love today’s fabric.

  • Monica Jarpey

    Beautiful bright fabric makes me smile!

  • louise raymond

    any thing i can win to add to my fabric stash for quilts for kids would be great love the colors and i know they would add a smile to anyone’s face. as i do add machine embroidery to solid fabrics. and would love the magazine too to add to my ideas.

  • antigone_marcelena

    giveaway time, yeahhhhh

  • Carolyn Thibodaux

    I subscribed to the Block magazine, which I love. I also watch the tutorials every chance I get. I am more traditional, and the fabrics that Jenny uses are so lovely. The biggest problem I have is which quilt pattern do I want to do…I have a large family, and want to do a quilt for each one. So much fabric, so little time.