New Friday Tutorial: The Cutting Corners Quilt!

New Friday Tutorial: The Cutting Corners Quilt!

Make a Cutting Corners Quilt with Jenny Doan in her Free Video Tutorial!

Cutting corners is usually looked down on. It’s the lazy man’s way out, ease over quality.  It’s duct-tape car repairs and “premium” chicken nuggets filled with mystery meat. But when Jenny talks cutting corners, you can bet she’s talking about creating something that is as completely fabulous as it is easy! Today’s Tutorial, Cutting Corners, combines strip sets and half square triangles together into one gorgeously simple design. It’s scrappy and it’s clean at the same time!

Free Cutting Corners Quilt Tutorial!

Click on the button to watch the tutorial and learn how to cut corners Jenny style!

Free Cutting Corners Quilt Tutorial!

  • Kelly O.

    this has got to be my favourite yet!!

  • Linda in Calif.

    I love this quilt! I love the way the fabric in the triangles switch back and forth. I love the modern feel with the white. It is exactly what I’ve been looking for to use my “Neptune” jelly roll on.

  • Jane

    Very nice pattern but I’m confused. After you sew 5 strips together, you have a block that is 10.5 inches, not 10 inches. In the video Jenny trims this to a 10″ square but, after sewing this to the background block, you have narrowed the two outer strips. Why not trim it to a 10.5 inch block?

  • Brooke

    Is there a step by step version that can be printed out instead of a video?