Cute and easy pin cushion

Hey Bloggers

I was searching the net for cute projects and I found these darling pin cushions. They are so cute. I have always used a magnetic pin holder but now I prefer the big cushion and I guess I will have to tell you why. When we started the shop, my hands were suddenly in the spot light and… I am a nail biter (true confessions), so my daughter had me get my nails done. Well now I can’t pick up a pin unless it is sticking out of something!

SO I love the big pin cushion.

Here is the link for the pincushions on Heather Baily’s site

The pattern is easy and makes a really nice gift.

Enjoy the Journey


  • Christine Thomas

    Here I am 5 1/2 years later just finding this blog. I’m on a mission to read every single post from the beginning. And, Jenny, I did notice how pretty your nails are. I like that they’re short and subtle

  • JenniferMSQC

    We’re thrilled that you’ve found us, @disqus_zGb2RBzRNk:disqus! And Jenny says thank you so much for watching and for noticing her nails!!!