Construction Update!

Construction Update!

The construction crews have sure been busy around here and we want to share some of their hard work with you!

The new batik shop is getting a bit of a facelift! This shop sits across the street from the main shop, between Sew Seasonal and Penney’s Quilt Shop.


And the inside  will be transformed before we know it, but this was the view about a month ago:



Across the street and down the block, the new Blue Sage restaurant is getting closer and closer to the finish line!


A tad different than our last update, right? Totally new entrance, an outdoor patio and a more accessible walkway. And the steps up to our studio were stained, too!



Inside, the seating area is taking shape. Some really unique and striking fixtures are planned! Chad, the Chef, designed them and we are excited to see the finished product!

IMG_2018 IMG_2017 IMG_2016

Check out this awesome podium when you first walk in the door. Can you picture it finished? So cool, right?


Each week brings more and more big changes as updates to these construction sites. So stay tuned! We’ll be back with more soon!

  • Celeste Wegner

    When does the new restaurant open as well as the batik shop?

  • mamasan

    Lots of good places to eat. Were do you stay when you visit? I’m sure visiting all these shops will take more than a day. Still hoping to make a visit in October.

  • My anniversary is in September….any chance the hubs & I can have date night at Blue Sage??

  • dmarangio

    You know, I just have to say – I was in Hamilton, stayed at the WONDERFUL retreat center and met lovely ladies, quilted and SHOPPED. Walking around the town of Hamilton – it’s just amazing – everyone is friendly, and the dedication to making the experience fabulous is evident wherever you go. And genuine. I just don’t know how to explain it – love to see these pics. Love to see the progress on the solids/basics shop… it’s all good!!

  • Quiltinggrandmom

    We are traveling in our motorhome 38′ and I was hoping to stop in Hamilton to see in person all the shops. The only problem is we need a place to park while I shop. Is the warehouse near by? I wouldn’t want to block any shops. Hoping someone can help me with our parking problem. I would hate to be so near and not stop by.

  • JenniferMSQC

    We’d love to see you both for your anniversary!

  • JenniferMSQC

    We’d love to have you. Please email Jean at and she can help you with all of the particulars for your visit. Thanks!

  • Great! I guess that means you”ll be open?