Merry Christmas from MSQC!

Merry Christmas from MSQC!

Merry Christmas from Missouri Star Quilt Co! We hope this day finds you happy and healthy and surrounded by whatever it is that brings you the most joy! All those hours of careful preparation and planning have finally paid off as you relax amid emptied stockings, piles of wrapping paper and opened packages, filled bellies, and loved ones.

For many of us, creating a memorable Christmas experience is very much like quilting. We plan, we dream, and we work tirelessly to make sure every detail is perfect. And when everything finally comes together, the results are simply magical!

Your Christmas might not look exactly like mine, but I sure hope it’s just as filled with love and good feeling. Christmas day has a way of helping us focus on the very best life has to offer. For that one day, we can pause to really enjoy those things that bring us true happiness.

So from all of us at MSQC, we wish you and yours the warmest, happiest Christmas and an amazing New Year!




Thank you for being such an important part of our holiday season.  Merry Christmas!!

  • Karen

    Thank you Jenny and family and all the wonderful Missouri Star elves. May the best of all days be with you today. Hugs from kgrammiecaz

  • Ursula

    Read your first blog…
    Here we go….
    November 29, 2008
    And now have a look at your achievements and be really proud. You’ve revolutionized not only the quilting world and brought creativity and joy to many People.
    Thank you so much Jenny, family and stuff for all your doings.
    Merry Christmat and a happy new year

  • Laurie Miles

    My daughter and I are really enjoying this issue. We just noticed that the first 16 pages are upside down and backwards! It starts on page 16 and upside down. We are laughing and wondering if anyone else got an issue like this!