BUS Trip 2011 the aftermath…

BUS Trip 2011 the aftermath…

Oh boy, was it a FUN weekend!  Our bus full of ladies (and one Aldo, *wink-wink)  left early (6:30am) I could hardly wait to get to the shop to meet everyone.  We had friends from the forums and friends from Florida and even some friends from Mexico City!

Everyone was so excited and happy, that it just added to all of the suspense that is ‘8 buses’!!  LOL

We really did just have the best time!  It was so fun to meet and visit with all of the people from the different Shops and areas.  We had a great time teasing and helping each other.  I am constantly impressed by ‘quilters’ in general.  They are a kind, fun, honest group of people.  Am I right?  I still haven’t met a quilter I didn’t like!

I’m not gonna lie…..We were EXHAUSTED by the end of Friday!  (thinking, we have to do this all over again!??!)  It was also oddly, energizing! (I loved it)  We had the crazy idea that each bus that left, we would go out and wave goodbye.  Well, we would get a little crazy- doing things like the ‘wave’ and jumping in the air.  It was one of my favorite things!  (I just hope we didn’t leave a bad impression)  Hahahah!

If you went on the trip….did you love it?

What was your favorite part?

Would you do it again?

Oh, and did you miss me?

LOL, back with more tomorrow!

Have a great day.  (I’m sending my oldest off to camp today. sniff-sniff)

  • We arrived in Kansas city on thursday afternoon. Our final destiny: HAMILTON MO! and my much expected quilting bus tour! which I have to say was so much more than we expected! We encountered these questions all the time: Where are you from? Is that Mexico Texas? Or, Is that Mexico Missouri? Well…. no, we came from Mexico, Mexico, two planes, passport and visa later we were on our way. I have to say that something really nice happened since the beggining, everybody made us feel so welcome! And my heart was pounding to be able to meet at last Jenny, Sarah, Natalie, and all the other girls…. and boys! Because I came with my dear husband Aldo and met Al Doan 🙂 For an inexperienced quilter like me, going to all these shops (and msqc of course) was paradise. But fabric is not all we found, friendly people everywhere and different shops that reflect the different styles of their owners, each shop had a signature, and we just loved them all. We ate so much I could stop eating for a month but food was also a way to make you feel a warm welcome. Caroline was great, filling miles and miles with all her wonderful stories that make evident how much she knows and loves these communities. So, would We do it again? of course! we´ll be there next year! This has been my best birthday ever! Thank you for everything!
    Carmen and Aldo (From Mexico Mexico)

  • Jackie Vanderhorst

    The bus trip was fantastic! Just what the doctor ordered!! Your shop is super and Jenny the BEST!! I often watch your tutorials on the computer but being there in person was the highlight of the trip. Just hope you do it again! All of the food at all of the shops was very good and we never had a hungry moment. My favorite ‘design’ is your charm pinwheel. I have made three baby quilts using that technique and it’s so FAST. Keep up the good work and hope you are in business for years to come. Jackie from the Lucas bus.

  • Anonymous

    Carmen it was so fun to meet you!!  And my new Mexico City brother Aldo!!  You guys are the best, thanks again for all the fun!


  • Ccay

    Thanks to everyone for your part in making this bus trip happens and so much fun!


  • Iamdonnamac

    I loved the bus tour. I would definitely do it again. It was a combined Mother’s day and Birthday gift from my family to me. I loved it. I bought something in almost every shop and got some great ideas for quilts to be made. I think my favorite part was the same as it usually is after a long trip. Coming home. You girls and guys made us feel so welcome as we returned to Hamilton, and Jenny, as usual had some great teaching. She never disappoints.
    And oh my how I missed you all. I looked for you in every quilt shop and you were not there. I think there was one where you must have been before us, your essence was still in the room like a familiar face.
    Thanks for a great time.

  • Iamdonnamac

    It was so nice to have you on the bus tour with us, I hope you felt welcomed by us, and that Aldo did too. Please come back again, and keep us up on what you are making.

  • I would definitely do it all over again – there are a few things I would change though.  I’d use my camera more than I did, I’d make more of an effort to get to know each of our fellow travelers, and I would ask them to introduce themselves to everyone.  Other than that I can’t complain a bit, although my body needed a full 24 hours to recover!

  • Cherylr

    Boy, do I feel left out. I really should have worked harder on going. If Carmen could get there all the way from Mexico City and I am in just in Monterrey Mexico, I really plan on coming next year. I might be at the shop earlier if I decide to drive to Chicago this summer. A small(?????) detour might have to happen.

  • Iamdonnamac

    Totally worth it.

  • Anonymous

    Hi, I’m Tammie,  I was the chaperone on the Log Cabin bus and we were the last bus to stop at your shop on Friday.  We all loved your shop and the demonstrations were fantastic!   Made all of us think differently about precuts.  I’ve already started a project you demonstrated with a jelly rolls.  The food was terrific and everyone had a wonderful time.  The consensus among the ladies on our bus was an overwhelming “Yes, let’s do this again!”  Looking forward to next trip.  Thank you so much for everything.

  • Of course we will! Thankyou!!! You could also come to Mexico for a visit to a great country. Love, Carmen