Block of the Month!

Block of the Month!

Hear ye, Hear ye!

Dust off thy sewing machines and sharpen thy rotary blades! (I don’t why I’m talking like this!)

Starting next week, Wednesday the 5th, join Jenny once a month to make a block a month and end up with the cutest Halloween wall hanging just in time for the greatest holiday for all. Come to the retreat center and sew with her live and in person or follow her online a few days later. There will be 8 classes: 7 block classes and 1 for embellishments.


The pattern used will be Home Is Where The Haunt Is Pattern for Kimberbell Designs. This pattern is so versatile! It can be made with primitive fabrics or with something more wild and modern and end up super cute either way!

To sign up for the retreat visit:

Need more information? Send Jean an email at

I dare you to scare someone today!


**Due to a snow storm headed our way, we have decided to reschedule the first class that would have been this Wednesday.

The new class will be held Wed, Feb 12 at 10:00 a.m.  Registration is ONLY $10! and participants can bring something to share for potluck lunch and stay and sew until 4 p.m.

  • Brandy Pettit

    I am very excited, I’ll have to follow on YouTube (I assume that’s what you mean by follow online?) but this is a perfect wall hanging for our house! Thank you!

  • cwade1211

    Is there going to be an online class we could join if we live far away? Or at least a kitted version of this pattern with fabric? I love both versions of this wall hanging, but I think I like the more modern color interpretation best.

  • JenniferMSQC

    We’ll have a video lesson to follow for those that can’t attend. We’ll see what we can do on a kit version – great idea!

  • cwade1211

    Thanks, Jen! A kitted version would be GREAT! Sign me up!

  • Mary Rose Levesque

    I love the idea of being able to follow online and make the blocks with you guys! Also, I subscribed to the magazine and I can’t wait to receive the first issue. I also like the idea of the kit for this block of the month! Great idea!

  • Tricia Davenport Garrett

    I am glad you are putting this on YouTube, I hope you are able to do the kit for the block. I am very excited about the magazine and can’t wait to see it.

  • JenniferMSQC

    Lots of requests to put this online and we want to make sure it’s easily accessible for everyone. Thanks, Tricia. We’re so excited about the mag, too. And CAN NOT wait to show it to you guys!!

  • Tricia Davenport Garrett

    Can you let us know when the first block of the month is on You Tube?

  • Jackie

    Where can I find the tutorials for the BOM? I have purchased the pattern and been watching for the tutorial. Is it up on the website yet?