Birthday Bash Recap! Missouri Star’s 8th Birthday!

Birthday Bash Recap! Missouri Star’s 8th Birthday!

One year older and wiser too…. Happy Birthday to Missouri Star Quilt Co! This September, we hosted our 8th Birthday Bash, where we celebrate the anniversary of Missouri Star in Hamilton, Missouri. It’s amazing to see how much we’ve grown, learned and improved and we are so grateful to our customers/fans who’ve made this journey possible!

Wednesday Night: The Kickoff Dinner with the Doan Family

The night before everything begins, we kick off the event with a family dinner. We share stories, give out party favors, and just have a wonderful night together because you are our family!
Missouri Star Quilt Co Birthday Bash Recap!

When you get the Doan Family all in one room, there are bound to be stories! Al, Jenny’s son, is a wonderful story teller and had the whole room filled with laughter!

Missouri Star Quilt Co Birthday Bash Recap!

When the dinner was over, we moved over to the Retreat Center to watch a special video that Jenny’s son Jake had created for the special night. It brought such a wonderful, heartwarming energy to the room. We’re so glad that we get to work together as family and friends and do something we truly love!

Missouri Star Quilt Co Birthday Bash Recap!

Watch the Video HERE.

Thursday: The Party Begins

I don’t know how you like to start off a party, but we start it with dancing, free fabric/prizes, and lots of music and energy! In the Retreat Center, we had a Quilt Show adorning the walls and a Jelly Roll Race Charity Sew for 40 participants who signed up in advance!

Missouri Star Quilt Co Birthday Bash Recap!

The result was 40 quilt tops to be finished by our Missouri Star Quilt Co Machine Quilting Team and donated to local Women’s Shelters! The Jelly Roll Race pattern is so quick and easy, that it’s perfect for donating for a good cause! If you’re looking for somewhere to donate quilts, check out this post HERE.

It’s so wonderful anytime we are able to give back to our community, so thank you to everyone involved who made it possible to do that!

Friday: Trunk Shows Galore!

Friday was filled with more fun, more games and prizes, a Homecoming Parade and TWO trunk shows! Have you ever been to Jenny Doan’s Trunk Show? Not only does she tell some wonderful stories through her quilting journey, but she teaches some mini tutorials along the way! You always leave feeling inspired to create something!

Missouri Star Quilt Co Birthday Bash Recap!

Not only did we have Jenny’s wonderful trunk show, but Rob Appell of Man Sewing was here as well! He tells his story through his quilts and it is a special experience!

Missouri Star Quilt Co Birthday Bash Recap!

Yes, he’s standing on the counter! Every seat in the house was a good one! 🙂

Missouri Star Quilt Co Birthday Bash Recap!

Right in the front row was a mother and her young son who is learning to sew and quilt. Rob was able to have a conversation with them afterward and give some tips on getting started!

Saturday: The Sewlebrity Sew-Off (Jenny Doan vs Rob Appell)

What do you get when you put two quilters/sewists in the same room with the same materials and limited time to create something completely unique? You get a lot of fun! Jenny and Rob were great sports and were both able to complete a project in the allotted time!

Missouri Star Quilt Co Birthday Bash Recap!

How do you compare a table runner + cape + head dress vs a duck with a zippered-on head? You call it a tie! This whole competition was a blast to watch and we can’t wait for the rematch next year!

Missouri Star Quilt Co Birthday Bash Recap!

I don’t know about you, but when I’m sewing, I love having some music playing! So, our lovely audience was able to provide that for the competition! 🙂

Aside from these special events throughout the celebration, we also had some fun that was going on the whole time! There was dancing for fabric and games on the patio, a Barn Block Painting Class, demos in the Main Shop by Windham Fabrics Designer Natalie Barnes, shopping for 88 cent Fat Quarters, a Quilter’s Walk of Fame, Quilt Show and so much more! We hope you’ll join us next September for our 9th Birthday Bash!

Missouri Star Quilt Co Birthday Bash Recap!

  • Karen Goad

    Congratulations on 8 years and you have grown so much over the years wishing you continued good luck in your shops

  • Linda Swanekamp

    Congratulations on a great job and making it fun and part of everyday living! Quilting should not be a contest or a chore- but fun and involving others. I have learned so much from other quilters. I am honored to have met Jenny and her husband- this year in Erie, PA

  • I love your company, I love that you have revitalized a town, I love that you all appear to have fun doing it, and I love that you are making it easy for new quilters to get started, and teaching old quilters new tricks. I also love that it is a family affair. Wishing ALL of you happy birthday, and continued success. God bless!

  • Marilyn Skaggs Enlow

    I had a great time, as always when I am in Hamilton. From the JR race to dancing on the patio, I had a blast. You all know how to do it up right. You are such an amazing company and family. Already making plans for the 9th B’day bash.

  • Sandy Lyons

    Looking at the pictures, and watching that fabulous video makes me wishing I could have joined in on the fun. Congratulations on 8 years and wishing you many more!

  • Teresa Lynn Prevette

    Congrats Jenny on your birthday celebration..what fun!!! I had an idea for you….your name is on a star in the sidewalk of “fame”, right? What about putting the name of your winner to visit you in your contest each year in the “sidewalk of fame” as well? It works for the stars in Hollywood, why not in MSQC quilting fame? Just something to think about…right? We love you Jenny for all you do. God bless you and yours!

  • Monica Veintemillas

    I just started quilting 7 months ago with Judy, my 1st teacher, ever since I have made 5 quilts and several table runners. My grand project Queen size QUILT for my bed, thanks to your YouTube instructions and tutorials! Jenny you are my inspiration, from La Paz, Bolivia, South America 😘

  • crkapralos

    I have already made 2 quilt since summer following Jenny’s tutorials. …ready to start another…just having a hard time deciding which one.!!!!…next month…VISITING HA MILTON MO flying in from CT…..can’t