Behind the Scenes: Photographing Fabric

Behind the Scenes: Photographing Fabric

missouri star quilt company, behind the scenes

Ever wonder how the fabric you buy gets loaded onto the shop website? Well, friends, wonder no more!

Meet Katie!


If a bolt of fabric arrives and it’s a print or solid that’s new to the shop, it passes her desk first.

She unwraps and irons each bolt….

missouri star quilt company, behind the scenes

Then places it under the lights…

missouri star quilt company, behind the scenes

Then snaps a photo!

missouri star quilt company, behind the scenes

Katie works hard to be sure the colors are represented accurately on the screen. Gotta help people find just the right red, you know?

I asked Katie how many bolts she can get through in a day. She gave me an answer… care to guess? First person to correctly guess wins bragging rights!

  • sbcritter

    I estimated the number of bolts in that picture and Katie looks like a real go-getter so I’ll say 150+ bolts. Great work!

  • Nancy Alderman

    I’m estimating 10 minutes to iron, lay out, photograph, and color-proof each bolt. So my guess is 48 – 50 bolts per day. Gee, that isn’t a lot, is it?

  • lynda H

    I am guessing about 95 bolts in an 8 hour day.

  • Marty Button

    I feel like I am on “The Price Is Right.” Closest without going over? I am going to guess 70. On a serious note, the photos (plus great prices) are the main reason I am comfortable buying fabric online.

  • Lisa

    I would guess 55.

  • Rina

    I’m guessing it’s 24.

  • Amy E. Bevilockway

    I will guess 27

  • Fran K

    I was thinking about the amount of work involved in getting that right and I’m guessing about 25. Having perused the website, I can attest to the good work Katie does.

  • kgrammiecaz

    This is a tough one to guess. But I am going to go with 54. I am thinking that some go easy and sometimes a couple will take a bit longer. No matter how many she handles a day, Katie does an amazing job. We truly appreciate.

  • I’m gonna guess 30. Cool job!

  • Becky Nichols


  • Sandra Navas

    Why not guess? How about 38 average a day???? Maybe she has some little elves helping in the background??

  • Lynn

    I think she could get through 25 bolts a day. I would love this job!

  • MSQCKate

    Hey sbcritter! I was I could get that many done! lol

  • MSQCKate

    Thank you so much kgrammiecaz!

  • MSQCKate

    You’re the winner Nancy! Depending on what else is on my plate, I can get 40-70 bolts done in a day!

  • MSQCKate

    Great guess!

  • Dolores

    I really like this new segment. Getting to know the behind the scenes people who make MSQC work so well makes it seem even more like family.

  • Diane Raines Boyd

    I have watched your tutorials over and over. I just started quilting in Feb. and am working on my 4th quilt. What an inspiration you are Jenny. Keep the tutorials coming.