Behind the Scenes of the Mini Wacky Web Quilting Tool

Behind the Scenes of the Mini Wacky Web Quilting Tool

Have you seen the Mini Wack Web Quilting tool tutorial? If you haven’t the link is here! and you should totally watch it. I grabbed a few behind the scene shots while I was in the shop on filming day:

jake doan for missouri star

jenny doan missouri star prep

missouri star jenny doan prep 2

prep 3


What is your favorite quilting tutorial that mom does?

  • Diane Ulitsch

    I love the jelly roll race tutorial! It’s informative and entertaining!

  • Connie

    They are all great…but this periwinkle quilt tutorial is fantastic, especially easy since you all designed a template, made it work with all the pre-cuts, & the filming was superior …best one yet! I especially like that it us easy …but …looks complicated.

    Thanks for all you do!


    I really liked the Colorado quilt tutorial, just cuz I live in Colorado, I’ll put it on my list to make it with the colors of our state flag. Red, Yellow, Blue and white with black outlining. Thank You Jenny for your excellent teaching skills and for sharing.