New Friday Tutorial: Attic Window with Panels

New Friday Tutorial: Attic Window with Panels

attic window pinnable

Such a great tutorial for you! Fabric panels always look so great, but I never know what to do with them! So we have a new tutorial for you today, called the Attic Window! It looks especially great with the featured panel, Realtree Deer Quilt Panel for Sykel Enterprises. Isn’t it beautiful?  What kind of panel have you had your eye on?

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  • Karen Tullis

    I love the Attic Window. What size is the black sashing strip?

  • Kathleen Beckman


  • Mamaw

    Do you have a printable instruction?

  • wyodeb

    I was wondering the same thing! Thanks!

  • Becky Lanier

    I am so disappointed. When I received my panel the REALTREE logo show up in huge letters in my cut panel. I do not want this in my quilt. I could understand if it was stamped on the selvage but not in my quilt… When I closely look at the photo of Jenny’s quilt I don’t see it. Did I get a defective panel??

  • Dottie from Massachusetts

    I can see part of that logo on her quilt. That’s too bad; I wouldn’t want that in my quilt either.

  • Cathy Clark Aldinger

    Has anyone do e this with a smaller panel? Wondering how to proportion the window.pieces for a small panel.

  • Tina

    I also am very disappointed. I rec’d my panel today and not only is there the REALTREE logo on the bottom but if you look closely you will see their logo near the top in the tree trunk. What is this??? I don’t want manufacturer’s advertising logos on my quilts – it just looks tacky. So instead of a length of 40 inches I cut the length down to 30 inches thereby eliminating one whole row all because of that silly logo. What a waste of fabric. I wish I had know about the logo(s} as I certainly would not have purchased. So very, very disappointed!!!!

  • Helen Stacey-Coffin

    Here is what i came up with to eliminate the deers ear being in the other pane as some people were complaining. When you cut your panel measure from the right side of the panel over to the left side 34 inches.that will make it 34inches wide and cut the lenght of the panel 40 inches long keeping in mind to center the picture when cutting the length only The only thing with doing it this way your center 12 blocks will be .8×10 inches and your outside blocks on either side will be 5×10 inches.. I may have you confused by this but just look at the photo i have included. i hope this makes sense.

  • Helen Stacey-Coffin

    this is what i came up with

  • Valeria Guimaraes

    Hi Jenny. I am almost done with my attic window and I would like to use the sane color thread as you used to quilt it. Could you please tell me what color thread you used? Thank you!

  • Sandra

    Helen from Newfoundland, Canada…thank you for posting this! I’ve been trying different arrangements to minimize the distortion and eliminate the ear in a window pane by itself, but am getting pretty frustrated as math is not my claim to fame.I’m liking how you did yours. Could you please post a pic of the way it looks finished, with the sashings so we can see how it looks? Most appreciated!!

  • sottwell

    I, too, was not happy with the Realtree panel, although I used their goose and ducks panel. By the time I cut above that annoying Realtree logo, I ended up with 9-1/4″ high blocks. The panel was also printed very out-of-square, and I lost a great deal in squaring it up, so I had 6-1/2″ wide blocks. However, in the end it turned out acceptably as a wall hanging for a friend who loves anything to do with ducks.