All My X’s Quilt

All My X’s Quilt

All My X's Quilt Tutoria!

During the Middle Ages, many people were unable to read or write, so it became common to sign important documents with nothing more than the letter X. (Frankly, when I was on the 45th signature of my mortgage contract, I would have gladly brought back that tradition! My hand still aches just thinking about it!)

Jenny shows you how to creates this fun X's Quilt with this tutorial!

Today we’re stitching up the All My X’s Quilt. These x’s are just as pretty as they are simple, and they come together so quickly! Click HERE to watch the tutorial!

Diagram for the All My X's Quilt Tutorial!

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  • Debby Bowen

    Love this pattern. I decided to make all the X’s in an all over print with the corners different colors (pulled the colors in the print). When putting it together, I failed to notice that your X’s didn’t touch on point, so I am having to adjust my seam allowances since the background is not the same for every block. Next time I will take note of this first. Thanks for all your tutorials, I look forward to them and refer to them daily.