Free Pattern for the Easy Quilted Tote Bag…(as promised)

Free Pattern for the Easy Quilted Tote Bag…(as promised)


Merry Christmas!

It’s what you have all been waiting for:

Missouri Star Quilt Co – Tote Bag Pattern

Click on that link and you should be able to print at your hearts desire…..and sew, sew, sew of course.

Happy Monday to everyone.

***we’d love to hear what you think about the pattern.  It is our first printable one, you know.  🙂  Let us know what you think, and if you have any questions….email us at  missouristarquiltco{AT}gmail{DOT}com

Like always, we’d love to see pictures of your finished projects!  Have a wonderful week.

  • I’m printing the pattern as I write…it’s so cute…can’t wait to make it! Thanks so much!

  • Awww… y’all are so sweet for posting this pattern. Thanks so much! I’ll be sure to make one with one of my “Daily Deal” charm packs…

  • Mellie

    Oh my gosh how quick & easy. I happened to have had a Moda charm pack that I didn’t know what to do with. Problem solved off to the fabric store to get the coordinating fabric for the handles & lining. Thanks to the gals at the MO Star Quilt Co I now will have 3 wonderful Christmas totes that I can fill and give:)

  • Oh they are so cute. What a great idea.

  • Thanks for the directions….so….what size button did you use?

  • thank you so much–this looks like a very easy pattern.

  • Two things —
    1. Thank you for the Westminster charm pack! Beautiful & fun and here’s what I am going to make out of them:

    2. Thank you for the tote pattern! I’m definitely going to make that when Christmas is over!

  • Heather371

    wish you would have it more beginner sewing friendly with a few more pictures. I learn better by seeing.


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  • nanab

    I love your site and enjoy and get inspired with your teaching, One thing that would make me buy more is to show a pattern or quilt or two with the fabric. thanks for all your hard work

  • JenniferMSQC

    Thank you, nanab! Good suggestion on showcasing completed projects more.

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  • Betty Stephens

    I made this tote for a friend who was carrying her stuff in a paper tote from a department store. I added three extra charms and lining to add a pocket for her ear buds. Fun project. I was done in time to get it to her the next day.

  • JenniferMSQC

    Oh that’s fantastic, Betty! Bet she loves it!

  • leah

    A Canadian, ask if it can go into envelope as if it were a letter. Perhaps an idea, regular mail… But then the weight may classify it as a pkg. Yes, I plan my purchases based on that alone. What can a quilt shop in your area do for you, if order on your behalf, might take longer.

  • LesaB2003

    I have not stopped sewing since I found your site and tutorials! Most recently made 23 Dresden Plates with Patty Cakes and am waiting for porcelain yardage to get here.Please check out my facebook page for pics. I am having trouble posting them here.
    LesaB2003 😉

  • Lisa Stamper

    Where in canada? I have friends coming from t. Phillips, NL

  • Sandra Hawn

    If Plattsburgh isnt to far from u,..why dont u get a post office box there.. i had a friend who lived in Vancouver BC who did this…saved him a ton of money..

  • Julia Manley

    Love the tutorials and tips. The giant star block is what got me going in quilting. Have made Disappearing 4 and 9 and pinwheel 2 quilts, and the fence rail, x’s and o’s, five and dime, and am working on lattice using the purple flower themed charms. Love purples, greens, and blues. Your site is wonderful and easy to understand for a newbie like me.

  • Darlene Timm

    I love this design my neices and sister in law will be very happy with the new tote bag.Thank you from the bottom of my heart.I would have never tried quilting before but you guys make it so easy to do. Keep up the good work.aLL OF YOU AT MISSIOUR QUILT Company.

  • عکس


  • Meka

    Yes it is what is charged for shipping into Canada. I have a daughter lives in Idaho and send things to her to avoid these fees. I could always pickup and send to you

  • OhioKaren

    I have a suggestion to make the handles sturdier. I’ve made lots of purses and tote bags in recent years, and I always buy canvas belt webbing, which is available in the notions department of JoAnn, Hancocks, etc. This is often used to make fabric belts and the straps on backpacks. It comes in a few colors (light and dark), so one can coordinate it with the fabric. Simply enclose the canvas webbing inside the strip of fabric that is being used for the handle, and then sew it so it doesn’t shift around. Use a heavy-duty needle for sewing it. It comes in a few different widths, so a handle can be made wider or narrower. If you want, attach metal rings to the bag and loop the handle through the ring before sewing. Also, one can buy “feet” for the bottom of a bag to keep it cleaner and save wear. These are available online and at many quilt shops. It would be great if Missouri Star carried the canvas strapping and the feet in the future, wouldn’t it?

  • Marilyn Saldibar

    How do I add a Zipper to the top of a tote bag?

  • calico dove

    I made 40 of these and put small items in them as bridal shower favors. They were so easy to make and everyone loved them!

  • Linda Green

    Thanks Jenny for the free pattern and thank you for all your tutorials There not one that I don’t love. I hope you all have a Blessed Merry Christmas and my God be with you.

  • Patti

    looking for the tutor that was on facebook for a baby
    receiving blanket

  • Tina Hopkins

    I already got this pattern and had to pay for it. Bummer! Haven’t made the bag yet.

  • Here it is! 🙂

  • Becky Soward

    i received my I Spy Layer Cake and i love love love it! thank you soooo much!!!!
    also love the tutorials with Jenny on YouTube! Jenny you are the best tutor online and such a hoot!!!