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Such an amazing time!

Such an amazing time!

Last minute touches early Saturday!

I am still reeling over the amazing turnout we had for our Grand Opening! What a special day for us!  We feel so supported and loved by our community, both local and online!  Thank you is just not enough, to express our gratitude to you all!

I want to tell you a little about our last week and a half!  So….

Remember that time our family was going to go to the lake for some much needed relaxation!?  Well, we did!  We had a wonderful time!  Our 4th was fun, we had a little family talent show that was hysterical and the fireworks on the lake was a blast to watch!

However, the very next morning (around 3am) I was awake and in so much pain I couldn’t sleep!  It was awful, and since we were 2 hours away from the hospital, we decided I needed to get there asap! The ride there was so painful, but once I got to the hospital, it didn’t take long for them to determine I need to have my appendix removed!  Ouch!  What a way to end our vacation! So, I had surgery Thursday and was able to come home late Friday afternoon!

I wasn’t home from the hospital more than a half hour, when  my husband and brothers (Al and Dave) started loading the trailer to move our house! One load down only 2-3 more to go!  🙂

Overwhelm was beginning to set in.

It didn’t take long and we were back in Hamilton for the night, getting ready to set up my house and prepare for the grand opening!

The week leading up to the big party was busy-busy!  We had inventory to be counted, setting up displays, pricing and making sure we’d have enough of everything for the big day!  There were late nights that lead into early mornings.  We even had a few dance parties in the mix!  🙂  (Yes, we are the kind of people that turn up the music and dance, while we label, decorate and cut fabric!!)  It’s true!

Fun new fabric!

Saturday morning, we still had a few things left to do. I got a call from Alan that said…’I don’t think anyone is coming!  There are no lines outside the door.’ He was joking of course, but  we really had no idea what to expect!

Then one by one, car load by car load they came!  The store was filling up fast!  So many wonderful friends from far away came to see us!  I WAS SO AMAZED!!! It was such a sight!  We had people from Texas, Florida, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Colorado and many other states!!

We were just thrilled  by the love that we felt from all of you!  We couldn’t be happier about the whole weekend! Thank you- Thank you!

Here is what the shop looks like on the outside!


Hope you have a great week!  We sure love you all!




From the bottom of our hearts!!

A few of our closest friends!

We had the best day, and it was all possible because of you!  We couldn’t be happier with the way things turned out!  Thank you all, for the support, the love and the encouragement!

We really are blessed to be doing something we love, and enjoying it in the process!

I’ll be back Monday with more details and some news!

Till then, have a great weekend!



Nothing says summer like a piece of Strawberry Pie!

Nothing says summer like a piece of Strawberry Pie!

I mean really.  I love strawberry pie!  Mom makes this pie, and it is my favorite!!  I am not a huge pie person, but Mom’s strawberry pie, I can not resist!

This week we are extremely lucky to be spending time at the lake.  It’s a family reunion for us. Time to relax,  hang out and just have some fun!!  We have been looking forward to this for months!  Imagine a house full of 18 kids, and 12 adults!  Oh boy!  Adventures will be had, memories will be made!  (and don’t worry, we all brought our sewing machines so we can play with fabric too!)

So, what says ‘Summer’ to you?

Me? Well obviously, it’s strawberry pie and time at the Lake!!

With any luck, the next time I see you I’ll have a little more color on my face and a few more freckles!


Stars and Stripes!

Stars and Stripes!

What a beautiful quilt you made Sarah Sue!

Meet my Sister in law, Sarah Sue! She has been quilting for us for 7 months now, and has recently been struck with the quilting ‘bug’.  There is nothing like being around fabric and gorgeous quilts that will make you a believer in the craft!!  Bahahahah!!

Sarah wanted to give her Dad something he’d LOVE for Father’s Day, so she got busy, with the help of her big sister and made this quilt for her Dad!!  He is very patriotic, and it was the perfect gift for him!  Not very often do grown men cry, but this gift brought her Dad to tears in an instant!

Thank you Sarah and Wayne for sharing this quilt with us, and allowing us to display it and show it off!

Do you have any patriotic quilts or table toppers or wall hangings??  How do you decorate for the 4th?  I’d love to hear, or see pics!!

Have a wonderful week and a safe Independence Day!

God bless America!



ps: We are working on getting directions written up, so we can share the pattern with you all!