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Vote for MOM!

Vote for MOM!


Our first visitor to the ‘New Shop’

Can you believe that we have been nominated for the 2012 Golden Quilter Awards!?!?  So much fun!  We are so honored and excited!!

So please,oh please….if you feel so inclined, vote for us! and vote for Mom (Jenny Doan,you know) !

I am excited to be in Hamilton this week!!  We are working on the new building, getting lots done and having a blast!! I have so much to share with you all!!  You will LOVE what we’ve been up to!  (well, honestly, it’s still a mess!!  Completely gutted!  But, you will love what it will look like soon!!!) hahahah!!

We’ll talk soon!!

A visit from Brazil….

A visit from Brazil….

We are often blessed with visitors (who ‘know’ us from online) and we LOVE it!  We have had visitors from everywhere and it really is such a highlight to our days!!

Bertha contacted us a few months before she would be coming to see if she could spend the whole day at the shop.  We of course, were thrilled.  She wanted help completing her quilt and hoped we could even schedule her in to have it quilted.  Luckily, it all worked out perfectly and we had a lovely day together!

Here is her visit, in pictures!!  Enjoy.  She used Forever Spring fabric and Mom’s pinwheel tutorial!  Isn’t it gorgeous!?

Bertha, we so enjoyed meeting you and spending the day with you!!  Thank you for coming ALL that way to see us!!

Also, just a little reminder…If you are still interested in going on our Bus Trip in June, we have a few seats left!!  Please contact us at:

We would love to have you join us (and see our new shop!!)

The New Shop!  The Beginning..

The New Shop! The Beginning..

Word is out!  We’ve bought a new shop! (it was an antique shop)  It is on our little towns main street, and we couldn’t be more excited!!  (and overwhelmed!) The previous owners bought it 20 years ago, and haven’t made any updates since.  (I can’t say I blame them.  Can you imagine, having a full shop and trying to renovate!?  I can’t.  That is why we are doing it this way)  So, we have the HUGE task of ripping-tearing down-remodeling-re-painting-re-carpeting-re-designing EVERY inch of space here!  Want to know something crazy?  Our family LOVES this type of thing.  We have grown up (thanks, Mom and Dad) working hard, and being able to see beauty and character in the ugly-overwhelming-old buildings or houses.

Alan and I were talking the day we closed on this building, and it seems like the minute we get comfortable (getting the website working, shop is running smoothly etc.) we jump on to a bigGER project!  It’s almost like, we have to have something crazy going on at all times!  LOL, can any of you relate?  We really, are so excited.  This shop is going to be perfect for us.  We are going to have a designated classroom (open to everyone and anyone ALL the time, to work on your projects!!) Mom will have her own design studio, already outfitted with a giant window looking out into the shop!  I have already made jokes about putting Mom behind glass!  (this way we can filter her a bit more. hahahah!!)  I kid-I kid!!  We have so many plans and ideas.  It is going to fit us so much better and grow with us.

I can hardly wait to take this journey, and share it with you all!  Wanna see some pictures??  Here you go:  The BEFORE, in all her glory!

Standing to the right of the main entrance. Love all that paneling!!


Turned around, this is the entrance. We have great window display areas. Some major ripping out is in order here!


And here is a sneak peak into Mom’s studio!! The wood floors in here are amazing! I promise! There is so much potential!!


I hope you can catch a glimmer of the awesomeness that is coming!  I will have so much to share with you in the upcoming weeks, and will be thrilled to invite you to our big grand opening party!!  You know you won’t want to miss it!

Have a wonderful day!




Because I can’t post without a picture…Isn’t this quilt awesome? A Crown Royal Quilt! SO much fun. Dad is such a darling, quilting away!!

I could use so much more of it!!
Time: to get my taxes done.  Yuck.
Time: to get my hair done.  (has it really been since September?  No wonder. LOL)
Time: to get all the remodeling done in the new shop!  One step at a time.
Time: to get my house packed and ready to move. Oh boy.
Time: to finish the new house, so we can move in.  (painting, carpet in the boy’s room, getting the driveway done, roof repaired (yes, some shingles blew off in a crazy windstorm! ugh) cleaning.  etc.)
Time: to blog.  I have so many things I want to update you on and share with you!  Sheesh!
Time: to sew
Time: to get all the laundry done
Time: to prepare for Market.
Time: to enjoy the beautiful weather.
Time: to enjoy my family.  Things have been way to stressful.
Time: to thank the million people in my life that are so wonderful and thoughtful.
I know, we all have the same 24 hours in a day.  I know I need to be a bit wiser with my time.  It’s just so hard sometimes, trying to juggle it all!  I can’t complain, life is pretty darn good.  It just gets a little overwhelming to me at times.  I need to not let the stress take over and the overwhelm to set in.
I have a daughter that is going to turn 14 in a few weeks.  I am just a little bit freaked out by that.  I CAN NOT believe that I am old enough (I am most certainly not) to have a child that old.
Where has all the TIME gone?  Life just speeds by if you let it, doesn’t it?  I mean, really there is not a way to slow things down.  I know, I’ve tried. I have had many wise mothers tell me, that the baby stage doesn’t last long, and to just enjoy it.  I didn’t believe it.  Boy, were they right.  It seems like time goes by even faster than it used to. (now, I sound like my Mom)
Really though, I am happy-healthy (finally)- and in love with where we are right now!  I am more excited about the future of our little company, than I ever have been!  We have so much to be thankful for.  SO much to look forward to, and I can’t wait to bring you along on this adventure with us!
So, I am planning on using my time wisely today, and going to jot down some great things that I can share with you over the next few weeks.  I am so sorry I haven’t been more present on the blog.  I will do better!
What are you gonna do with your time today?
Show and tell, some more!

Show and tell, some more!

I am constantly impressed with all the projects you make and send me pictures of!!  Over and over again you out-do yourselves!!  Here is just a sampling of what I’ve gotten recently!

Prepare to be amazed!!

Made by Lois

Lois made this quilt, and said she was inspired by the Christmas Tree Skirt tutorial, but decided to make an adorable ‘tummy time’ quilt!  Love it!  I love how you can be inspired to make something different, by just seeing an idea!!  Way to go, Lois.

Next one I received is from Hema.  She says that she has only been quilting for nine months!  She said she used the flying geese tutorial and the fussy cutting tutorial, and this amazing ‘Sawtooth Star’ Wall hanging is what she came up with!  Gorgeous!  (look at those feathers!  Holy-wow!  Only nine months…no way!)

Great job, Hema!


I got an email (with pictures!!) from Cayla, saying that she had used the Jelly Roll race video to teach her sister in law how to quilt!  She said they just had a blast together, picking out the fabric and sewing all night!  I just LOVE to hear stories like this! Teaching someone to quilt, is truly a delight.  Talk about a fun way to spend time together and really strengthen relationships!!

Here is what they accomplished that night:

You two had way too much fun!! I love both of those quilts!! Great job!

Thank you all for sharing with us!! I really, truly LOVE seeing what you are up to, and what you create!  Being part of a creative community is just the best thing in the world!

Hope you all have a great week!

We’ll talk soon!


ps.  If you’ve sent me a picture, but don’t see it here, don’t stress.  It will be up here eventually!  I have lots more coming!!