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Show and Tell!  From our amazingly talented quilter-friends!

Show and Tell! From our amazingly talented quilter-friends!

Ahhhh-MAZING!  I have so many fun, quilts to show you!  I have been bombarded by emails showing off your great work!  I am having trouble narrowing down which ones to show now and which ones to save!  🙂  What a great problem to have, huh!  (if you don’t see your quilt up yet, just wait! It’s coming!)


This first one is made with a Hoopla Layer cake and Jelly roll!  One of TEN, Rita from Kansas is making for her grand-kids!!

Cute, huh! She made it after taking Mom’s online class!

Next up is her Giddy quilt!

Isn’t it darling! {not sure why this picture one is so small!}

Next up is a beauty from Teresa…

Breathtaking….right?!? I just love it!

Here are two beauties from Carol N.

She made these both from tutorials of ours!!  What great work Carol!

Pretty, pretty!!

She used Arnold’s Attic and the tumbler template for this one!

For this quilt she used the ‘Simpler Time’ line by Holly Taylor!  I love how it turned out!  (and this tutorial)

Now, I feel like I may be in a ‘Beautiful-Quilt Coma’  ahhh, such a perfect thing for a Monday!  I feel so much better already, don’t you!?

Thanks to all the quilters for sharing their beautiful work with us!!  We are so grateful for the visual feast!  (wow, am I looking forward to Thanksgiving, or what??)

Don’t worry!  I have a TON more to show!

Have a happy day!


Look what we’ve been up to…Christmas runner #1

Look what we’ve been up to…Christmas runner #1

Here is a very small-blurry picture of a new tutorial coming out soon!!

So, I am probably going to get in trouble for this!  I called Mom {Jenny} yesterday and asked her for a picture of the table runner she finished for a Christmas project we are working on!  She sent me this series of pictures that made me laugh out loud!!  Dad is modeling the lovely new table runner!!  Hahahaha!  I love that guy!  He is such a good sport!

So here is a sneak peak of the runner, and a few pictures I may get grounded for putting up.  (or at the least, get sent to my room (for-like-EVER!)

You could make an apron if you wanted too!! LOL

Isn’t he adorable!? Having way too much fun in the quilt shop!

Life is never boring around here!!

Have a great day!!  We’ll be back soon with a new tutorial!!


Craftsy / MSQC Misunderstanding

We’ve received many e-mails over the past few months inquiring about our relationship to Craftsy (formerly known as Sympoz).  Many of you are wondering if we are Craftsy, or if not, how we are affiliated with them.  Since Craftsy heavily advertises their paid classes and many of them include a picture of Jenny Doan (who many of you know and love from our MSQC YouTube channel), we can see how you’d be confused!  We wanted to take just a second to let you all know what is happening.

Early on, Jenny Doan (momma), signed on with Craftsy when they were brand new to instruct two courses (Quilting Quickly I and II), and is still on there each night with her beloved students who signed up for them, answering questions and chit chatting with everyone. However, since then, we have chosen not to renew our contract with Craftsy, meaning there will not be a Quickly Quilting III.  Instead the Missouri Star Quilt Company has decided to place all of its focus on producing and distributing even better and clearer FREE tutorials on YouTube, as we have done from our shop’s inception.

We have invested in better camera and sound equipment, and have heard your requests for clearer instructions (such as exact fabric requirements and measurements, and faster response times to the questions you post in the YouTube and comments section).  As our relationship has grown with YouTube, we have become able to post full length tutorials, where previously we had to keep them under a certain time limit.

We are passionate that knowledge should be shared freely.  As we all continue to learn, grow and improve, if we all help each other, we develop a closer community and all become better quilters in the process.

Once again, we are not Craftsy, nor are we affiliated with them (other then Jenny engaging with her students from the first two classes).

So keep your eye out for many more free, high-quality, informative tutorials featuring Jenny Doan and others on our YouTube channel and the new

Your Missouri Star Quilt Company Staff 🙂

The Dresden Turkey Tutorial

The Dresden Turkey Tutorial


It’s here!  Just in time for Thanksgiving!  It’s bigger and better than ever!  Check out this great tutorial, complete with a printable pattern (including the shapes for the body and feet!!)  He is just too cute!!

Please share a picture with us if you’ve already made one!  I’d love to see a parade of  Turkey’s!!!  Gobble-Gobble!

Have a great day!