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A friendly reminder…

A friendly reminder…

Christmas is coming!  Only 85 more days till the BIG day!  Can you even imagine.  I am in shock, even as I write this.  This year has been a whirlwind!  (of lots of good things.  just crazier and busier than i ever imagined!)

Here is an adorable quilt  made using the Riley Blake Christmas line, Holly Jolly by My Minds Eye.  It’s a disappearing 9 patch with a 2 inch border!  (tutorial here)

I’m just in love with the touch of gray in this line!!

I’m not one to skip over Holidays!  I love to dress up for Halloween, and love-love-love Thanksgiving.  I’m just more aware this year that the season is going to fly on by.  I better get ready early!

Hope you have a great week!


American Quilter’s Society Quilt Show in Des Moines, Iowa

American Quilter’s Society Quilt Show in Des Moines, Iowa

A random picture of us girls at Spring Quilt Market!

Are you going?  Natalie and Mom (Jenny) will be there all this week!  September 28th through October 1st!    We are very excited to have a booth!  They will be doing demo’s on Natalie’s rulers and teaching little tips and tricks!!  Stop by if you are in the area!!  {psst. I hear they have a bowl of chocolate too!}

I almost forgot about this cute visual I found on overstock.  Celebrating National Sewing month! (almost too late) Isn’t it cute?




This is what’s going on here :)

This is what’s going on here :)

A recent study indicated that fabric gives off certain Pheromones that actually hypnotize women and cause them to purchase unreasonable amounts. When stored in large quantities in enclosed spaces, the Pheromones (in the fabric) causes memory loss and induces the nesting syndrome (similar to the one squirrels have before the onset of winter i.e. storing food). Therefore perpetuating their species and not having a population loss due to their kind being cut into pieces and mixed with others.

Sound tests have also revealed that these fabrics emit a very high pitched sound, heard only by a select few, a breed of women know as “quilters”. When played backwards on an LP, the sounds are heard as chants, “buy me, cut me and sew me”.

In order to overcome the so called “feeding frenzy effect” that these fabrics cause, one must wear a face mask when entering a storage facility and use ear plugs to avoid being pulled into their grip. One must laugh, however, at the sight of customers in a quilt fabric store, with WWII army gas masks and headphones!

Studies have also indicated that aliens have inhabited the earth, helping to spread the effects that these fabrics have on the human population. They are called QUILT FABRIC STORE CLERKS.

It’s also been experienced that these same Pheromones cause a pathological need to hide these fabric purchases when taken home (or at least blend them into the existing stash), and when asked by significant other if the fabric is new, the reply is “I’ve had it for awhile.”

~ Kathy Smith Harris

Amazing Jelly Roll Quilt Pattern

So we had a lady come and tell us about a cool shop in Arizona called 3 Dudes Quilting that did this awesome pattern with strips. We thought it was so cool, so we called Ray and asked him if he’d mind if we did a tutorial on it, and he said they didn’t mind at all, and loved the idea of his pattern helping other quilters!

So we shot a tutorial on it so you can all check it out too! –

Now, they have a printable pattern you can get (They have a whole page of free quilt patterns here) but they sent it to us to offer you all, it’s called “Let’s strip it, majestic mountain quilt”

Look how awesome this is!

Have fun with it!! Let me know what you make!

Can you beat the tutorial? Dresden Flowers Edition

So we’re going to play a game this week called “Can you beat the tutorial?”  I think you’ll love it!

The way it works is I’ll sneak a picture of the new project Mom or Natalie are working on, I’ll share it here, and you have a few weeks to see if can put it together before we share the video tutorial on it.  Then share your photos on our facebook page (or submit them here and I’ll upload them to an album)

So here’s the project, can you beat the tutorial?

We needed a dresden ruler that would work with layer cakes, so we made a big version of the dresden template (if you have the original, it will work fine, just use a long ruler to extend the angles out for the 10″ squares, but this was hard for some people so we made one that was built for the big squares).  Have fun! 🙂