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Mom has a FREE PATTERN over on We Love French Knots

I love and was so excited when she invited us to submit a pattern to giveaway on her blog. Mom and I tried our hands at something Halloweeny and of course, quick and easy. I think it turned out really cute [err spooky]. Go say hi and grab the pattern for free!


Christmas is coming…

Christmas is coming…

That we know for sure!  Mom is already trying to get a head start on things!

We have this awesome Advent Box from Moda!  It is adorable, right down to the packaging!  It contains everything you need to make this adorable Advent Calender!  SOOO cute!  Seriously, isn’t it darling?  Now, I don’t know about you but when we were kids we always had the tradition of an advent calender.  Ours was an old coke box that we filled with little treasures.  I remember hardly being able to wait my turn to pick the little ornament (and hoping that no one picked the one I wanted to put in before it was my turn!!)  Oh the woes of childhood!  🙂

Anyway, we decided we better get a head start on this project, since Christmas seems to sneak up on us and thought you might want to see it too!

This is just a perfect gift for a quilting friend or an easy one to buy and make for that someone special on your list!

A tutorial in progress! (and crossing things off my list)

A tutorial in progress! (and crossing things off my list)

We are always working on things and at any point we probably have a dozen things in various stages of completion.  We get overly excited to share things with you all and sometimes we can’t wait…. take this quilt for example.


It’s a terrible cellphone picture, but it shows a bit of what we did with it.  I can hardly wait to get the tutorial out for this one!  It is so fun and easy with a little twist on something you already know!!  🙂

The fabric is adorable, it’s a new line from Riley Blake called Alphabet Soup.  It comes in boy or girl colorways and I just love it!!  It is definitely a refreshing addition to the baby (especially specific gender) lines.  It seems like we are always lacking a good baby line. Not anymore.

Did you have a good weekend?  Finish any thing or get any sewing done?  The Quilt shop was insanely BUSY this weekend and we had a lot of out of town visitors!!  {which we LOVE}  Today we are just going to focus on catching up.  And boy do I have a lot of that to do.

The kids had a great first day of school and I am busy trying to get a schedule together and get back on track.  My youngest had his pre-school orientation this morning (which is why the blog is late)  I can’t believe he will start classes on Wednesday.  (only half day, thankfully cause I would be really, really lonely)

What a crazy fast summer that was, for us.  I am excited though, looking forward to Fall.  I have some fun house projects I need to work on, especially curtains.  I take my precious time trying to decide on what I want and I think I am close to having it all figured out!  Don’t worry, I plan on sharing my progress.

Have a wonderful day today!  I hope you can get back into the groove and get some things on your list crossed off!



Show and Tell

Show and Tell

Our Friend Shirley emailed Mom {Jenny} these beautiful pictures of the quilts she’s been busy sewing!

Take a look at her amazing work!

This one is called ‘Blue Lucky Stars’

LOVE this ‘half-hex’ quilt!

This one is called ‘the Purple Friendship Braid’ Just gorgeous!

What a beautiful rail-fence!

Sweet baby Tumbler quilt!!

Lovely X’s and O’s! Simply beautiful! This one is Shirley’s favorite! (she told me!)

Last but not least is this amazing coins quilt! Aren’t the colors so soothing! LOVE it!

We have been spoiled by Shirley and her amazing work!  I so appreciate that you all take the time to send me your pictures so we can all enjoy what you’ve been sewing!  I really can’t think of anything more enjoyable than Show and tell!!

Just so you know, the kids all made it to school with very little trauma!  (I was even able to hold off tears, if you can believe that!)  It is strangely quiet at my house today, and I am hoping for some major productivity!  I even plan on baking some cookies made for the kids!  Hope you are all having a great week!  I’m looking forward to the weekend, ready for anything!!  🙂


PS.  So sorry to those who have had or are still having Internet issues.  We have been unable to find a reason for them.  Every test that can be run has been, and everything checks out.  We will continue to search for answers and we apologize for the inconvenience you may have experienced!

The day before…

The day before…

School starts tomorrow for my kids!  We have quite the mixture of emotions over here!  Excitement (the first grader) and major anxiety (the 8th grader) and between them is a little indifference!  Hahahah!!  Me, I am torn by the ease of summer and the schedule of the school year!  I do really well with a plan, and tend to get much more organized during the school year!  Plus, I will have much more time for my crazy-work schedule!

Yes, that means more projects that will get done and more blogs to be written!  🙂

So, enjoy the day today. Have you seen the crazy daily deal we have going on today!!?!?  SO MUCH FUN!!!

I will be busy getting the last minute details together for the kids, and hopefully one last trip to the pool!

See you soon.  I’ll be back with some show and tell tomorrow!  Boy, do I have some good ones for you!!