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Christmas already? Here is a fun pattern that is easy and great for gifts!

Christmas already? Here is a fun pattern that is easy and great for gifts!

Earlier this week on facebook we were talking about whether or not we had started our Christmas gifts.  I for one, have not started mine….I know the drill though.  I’ll procrastinate {cause I’m so busy *whine*whine} and by November I’ll freak out and go into crazy-lady-Christmas mode!  This year I declare will be different!  Right here, right now {you are all my witness} I will be better!  I’m going to start early and enjoy my way through the season!   {can’t believe I’m even talking about this now! It’s still July!  Sheesh!!!}   🙂

Starting with this little number from Sandy Gervais!  Seriously, isn’t this darling!?!?  The pattern is called ‘The tallest tree’ and only uses one charm pack!

I couldn’t wait to show this to you! It’s not even bound yet. I love it that much!!

I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE this Christmas line from Sweetwater!  It’s called ‘Countdown to Christmas‘ and it is by far my favorite this year!  So, if you have Christmas gifts on the brain and want to get an early start this is a fun pattern {project} that you will enjoy!  Heck, you might make one and decide to make one for everyone on your list!  {they are that cute, you know!!}

Hope you have a great weekend!  I’ll be back on Monday!


Show and Tell {from Becky}

Show and Tell {from Becky}

Becky  is a new quilter and has learned so much from our videos.  {her words, not mine. 🙂 }

She sent us these pics of the three quilts she’s made and I am so impressed.

This is one she made for her daughter… Beautiful!

This one was made for her son! Isn’t it just awesome!?

Last but certainly NOT least, in fact this is my favorite.  I know, I shouldn’t pick favorites….I just have a soft spot for baby quilts, and this one does not disappoint!

Isn’t this baby quilt just darling!!??!

Thank you so much for sharing your quilts with us Becky!  You are doing an amazing job!  Did I mention that she HAND QUILTS all of her quilts!!  AMAZING!!!

Keep up the good work, and thanks for inspiring all of us!

So, what are you working on right now?

Tutorial for a Pirate Quilt!  Ahoy-Matey’s

Tutorial for a Pirate Quilt! Ahoy-Matey’s

Arrgh! Mom’s done it again. Stole the pattern right out of me head!

So do you or someone you love have a thing for Pirates!!?!?  If so, you have probably been looking EVERYWHERE for some adorable Pirate fabric, only to come up short.  I know, because I have been searching everywhere!  Well, Ladies and Gentlemen…It is here!  Riley Blake has done it for us!  With help of course from the amazing designer, Emily Taylor! {her blog here, go and tell her we said hi}

I know that the picture I posted might scare you, but have no fear.  Our shop has not been taken over by mean pirates.  No money grubbers and thievery going on, It’s just crazy Jenny dressing up for the occasion!  (once a costumer always a costumer.  Or is it, once a fun Mom always a fun one?  I think both of those fit her)

Anyway here is the quilt {without any distraction}

Just darling, right!?

If you want-need-just have to make one yourself, here is how you do it!

You will need:

3/4 yards of Black fabric {we used Bella solid Black 9900-99}  for inner border and binding

1 yard of Map Fabric {main center panel}

1.5 yards of the Skull fabric

1 yard of the Blue Boat Fabric

1/2 yard of the Pirate word fabric

2-Charm packs


Take the one yard of the {map fabric} and cut it down to 25″X 36″

Out of the leftover fabric, fussy cut 4- 5 inch square pieces

Then, with the Black fabric cut 4- 2inch strips and border the main fabric.

Take one charm pack and cut it in half. {2.5 inch rectangles} Sew together on the long side, making coin strips. Attach the coin strips to the quilt, using the fussy cut blocks in the corners.

For the zig-zag border cut 12 squares {of each fabric. Skulls and words} 6.5 inches X 6.5 inches

Then cut 24- 6.5 inch squares out of the Blue Boat fabric.

TO make the half square triangles, pair the skull and black fabric with a blue boat fabric.   Sew all around each square {like we do the pinwheels} matching up the squares and cutting them both ways diagonally, to make half square triangles.

{pinwheel tutorial here}

Put them together, alternating to make the zig-zag design for the border.  {refer back to the picture if needed}

Now, you are almost done!!  For the last border {the outer border} cut 8- 4.5 inch strips of the Skull fabric and attach to quilt!

And you are DONE!  Easy- peasy!  All you need now is some backing fabric!  {4 yds}

Finished Size: 59 X 67

Buy it in a Kit here

Have a wonderful-happy-exciting day!

Here’s some cute shots of our display in the Shop!

Color…Candy for our eyes

Color…Candy for our eyes

This week on facebook [if you aren’t a friend, check it out.  We have a good time there, too!] I asked a simple question..’If you could only pick ONE SOLID color to quilt with…..which one do you pick?!!?!?’  I honestly thought most people would pick white, black or beige.  I was happily surprised by ALL the colors that were named.  Color is something that is such a personal preference thing, that I enjoy hearing all the different perspectives about it, especially regarding quilting.  I love nothing more than to see someones project and immediately think, ‘I never would have put that together’ and LOVE it!  It stretches what my own comfort zone with color is and makes me want to try new things.

Color is one of those things too, that can change your mood.  I love that you can look at something and instantly ‘feel’ something.  {like romantic, or loud, or calm, or like you want to go to the beach really-really bad}  Oh boy, sometimes I get carried away, don’t I!?

What about you?  What does color do for you?!


Also,  Check back on Monday! I will have a tutorial for you using some new fabric from Riley Blake.  Ahoy! Matey. 🙂

And one more thing…If you like giveaways, don’t forget to enter our weekly one on the forums!  They keep getting bigger!  {I swear, we are crazy EVERYWHERE we are!!}

See you Monday!


What we’re working on….

What we’re working on….


The Grinch meets Kate Spain.  And they got along so well!  🙂  We are putting together a quilt using the Kate Spain Flurry layer cake and one Robert Kaufman ‘How the Grinch stole Christmas’ Fat quarter pack!  We also used both sizes of Natalie’s tumbler templates!  (the 5″ and the 10″)

So, if you have both those templates BE READY!  We will write up the directions and tutorial this baby as soon as we’re done!

Hope you have a marvelous day!  Stay cool!  It has already reached 95 degrees here before 9 am!  HOT~HOT ~HOT~