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DIY Heart Felt Wreath

DIY Heart Felt Wreath

So, I was browsing the Internet (*ahem, wasting time.  please don’t tell my husband)  and came across this absolutely adorable wreath on ‘The Idea Room’ blog. It is a great site full of eye candy and ideas.  I hopped in the car (after I dressed my three year old, who’d rather be running around the house in his ‘Lightening McQueen’ undies) and went to pick up some basic supplies.  I think it turned out fabulously and I LOVE it!

It did take forever to cut all the circles out!  I had a great helper (thank Heaven for snow days) and I found it quite therapeutic to cut out the circles.  (more proof that I am crazy)  One tip:  make sure that you cut inside the black line, unless you want that to show on the wreath!  (another helper of mine wasn’t very careful, so I had to fix a few of them)

Go here to get the tutorial if you are interested!  Thanks to the Idea Room for that great idea!

Is your house all decorated for Valentines Day yet?  Or are you like me….I kinda wait till the week before.  🙂

Have a happy day!


A helpful Heart…

A helpful Heart…

Last week I received an email about a 7th grade class that made a quilt for a fellow classmates Dad who is in need of a heart transplant.  Each student designed their own block and a beautiful quilt was made.  To help raise money for the expenses this family will incur they are having a raffle for the quilt.

I was touched by the story and the kindness those 7th graders showed the family.  I don’t know them, or anyone involved.  I just thought I’d let you know about the beautiful quilt you might want to buy some chances on.

For more information go here:

Have a happy Monday.


Retreats with Jenny as your hostess!

Retreats with Jenny as your hostess!

Sounds fun, right!?!?  I mean really, who wouldn’t have a blast sewing and learning along side  Jenny!  She has more enthusiasm for quilting than anyone I know.  (and I know at least 3 other quilters, lol )

We have some way fun things planned for our FIRST ever retreat-experience! I can almost guarantee you will have a BLAST and learn at least one new thing!!  🙂

Here is some basic information about our retreat:  {squeal!!  we are so excited}

“These are a few of our favorite Precuts” Quilting Retreats

Series of five retreats- 2nd weekend in April, July, August, September, October, 2011

April Theme:  Depression Daze

Arrive: Thursday afternoon, April 14-Arrive at lodging

Depart: Saturday afternoon April 16-Classroom open until 4pm

Cost: $275 double occupancy, $325 single occupancy


Thursday evening: 6:30-Welcome, show & tell

Friday morning:  9-12 Sewing project at MO* featuring the Dresden tool

12-1:Lunch break at MO*

1-1:30 Jenny tutorial

1:30-4- Sewing project-Classroom open until 5pm

6:30-8:30 Dinner followed by program on The History of Feedsacks

Saturday morning: 9-10 Behind the scenes of MO* with Al and Sarah

10-12: Sewing project

12-1: Lunch at MO*

1-2: Jenny tutorial

2-4: Classroom open

This project is geared for quilters having basic sewing knowledge and use of a rotary cutter.  Bring a sewing machine in good working order and general sewing supplies.  The project will use a charm pack and coordinating 1/2 yard of fabric for background.  A kit may be purchased at Missouri Star Quilt Co.

Agenda and schedules subject to change, but we suspect they won’t. 🙂

For additional information you can email Carolyn at:  She will be happy to answer any questions about the retreat you might have!!

Email or call to make your reservation!  Hurry,  spots are filling up fast!  (816) 583 7722

Middle of January…

Middle of January…

I read on a friends facebook status that January is the Monday of the entire year! (as in: will it ever END!??!!)   It made me laugh thinking about how true that sometimes is.  (especially when we have lots of gray and snow)  The snow is beautiful too, though. So I really shouldn’t complain!

Anyway we have been working on a few fun Valentines Day projects and tutorials that I am putting the finishing touches on!

Jenny (my Mama) has the most adorable project that will be perfect for the holiday!  I can’t wait to show you!

This weekend had us running around like crazy with the kids.  Got in some deep cleaning on the house Saturday and even got a date afternoon with my husband!  Really, it was heavenly.

My parents surprised us Sunday night  and will be here for the day!  YAY!  I miss having them so close!!   Mom and I have some projects to work on and some shopping to do.

I’ll keep you all posted on the amazing-ness that we come up with!   Have a happy Monday- ALL!


Modesty, anyone? DIY lace slip

Modesty, anyone? DIY lace slip

I don’t know about you….BUT, I have a 12 year old daughter (going on 18) and I have had the HARDEST time finding dresses that actually go to her knee.  She’s not even that tall!  It seems like every dress being made nowadays is of the ‘mini’ variety!  {ok, so now I really feel old.  I am my mother.}  LOL.

Seriously though, I have been a bit shocked by the lack of choices!  So, this week I took matters into my own hands, with only a few hiccups in the process!  🙂

So, I bought a slip (black, for this particular dress we just bought her) and 2 yds of lace trim.  I made sure it was wide enough to make it seem like it was meant to be peeking out from underneath her dress, and NOT a fashion faux pas.  (Heaven for bid!)

Then I just lined up the lace with the hem of the slip and sewed it on!  WA-Lah!  Well, except for the fact that I only had grey thread, and wasn’t going back to the store!

My Mama taught me ALL about improvising, and if you know her, you know what I’m talking about…..So, I got out a trusty sharpie marker and colored the thread to match!  LOL, you can’t even tell, can you!??!  🙂  I took a picture with it half way done, just so I could prove it!

What do you think?  It makes it a bit less scandalous, if you ask me.   Best part is, she approved of it too!  And believe me, pleasing ‘her’ (my daughter) is NO easy task!

Mission accomplished!  Have a fabulous day.