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A Lovely tree….

A Lovely tree….

Oh my, we had so much fun putting this together!  WE used a bag of scraps….you know those bits and pieces you save for that ‘someday’ project…..Well, this is it.  It was fast and easy and oh so cute!

We cut up different sized hearts and a tree trunk.  Then just ironed it onto fabric, did a small border and framed it.  I am still trying to decide between leaving it framed or making it into a pillow.  What do you think?

Thanks for BARING with us :-)

Thanks for BARING with us :-)

Hey it’s me, the YSGLCG 🙂

So you may have noticed we were upgrading our servers yesterday/today. You probably hit a blank page and maybe a few errors as you tried to shop and navigate the site. I hope you’ll forgive us, but this was a pretty major upgrade for us. We are super excited about this (well I’m the only one that gets excited about servers, cables, and python scripts, and…. maybe that’s why I’m not married :P) So what’s up? Well the forum is back, the site is running on our own shiny new servers (so it should be consistent speeds, ie, you’ll never notice those old slow times we ran into before).

Anyway, we’re back at full strength, so watch out! We got space to create, and that’s the whole reason we do this right!? We HAVE to foster our creativity!



Sweet hearts

Sweet hearts

Today we have a cute little craft for you. This is a traditional Swedish heart. We usually make these around Christmas time and hang them in our tree but, we thought it would be cute to use these for Valentines day as well this year!

You will need:

two strips of contrasting fabric (a light and a dark will look best) 3″ x 11″

two strips of heavy fusible stabilizer 3″x 11″


*sewing machine optional!

First iron on your fusible stabilizer to the wrong side of your fabric. This will reinforce your fabric and give your basket some shape.

Next, fold your strips in half and round off the cut end. I use a small glass from the kitchen as a template. It doesn’t have to be perfect just round off the corners.

Then with your strips still folded in half, on the folded side, make 2 cuts perpendicular to the fold, 1″ apart from each other, and 3.5″ long.

Now comes the tricky part.  We will be weaving through and around our strips as opposed to the traditional over and under type of weaving.

Keeping each strip folded, set them down so that the folded sides face each other.Now take the top strip of your light fabric and weave it in between the layers of your first dark strip. 

Then weave the second dark strip in between the layers of your first light strip.

Next weave the light strip in between the layers of the third dark strip. Your first row is done. Now just repeat  starting with the opposite color. Do this for each strip set and you will be done!

You may want to fray check your fabric if you don’t like the raw edge look. You could also do a decorative stitch around each of your raw edges. We did a zig zag on a couple of them and thought they turned out cute.

If you want a tighter seal on your basket just stitch a small seam at the top of the sides to keep it togetherYou could also add a ribbon or ric rac handle by slipping your ribbon in between the layers of fabric at the center of the heart basket and stitching it down.

Now just fill and enjoy!

Nicey Jane table runner….

Nicey Jane table runner….

You may have guessed it by now, that I LOVE Nicey Jane, by Heather Bailey.  I may only be, mildly obsessed with her.  I may even be willing to name a child after her.  (well, if I have any more, I will totally consider that!!)

Anyway, I was so excited about this line, and wanted to just use the pinks to make a table runner for Valentines Day!  (plus, because it is Nicey Jane and NOT all heartsy, I can use this thing clear in to Summer)  This table runner goes together in a jiffy.  It is easy and fast and I think, totally cute.

Sweet like candy, right?  I am beyond thrilled to have this little lady on my dining room table right now.  Seriously, it was the first things my girls noticed when they got home from school.

Enough of my yapping…..Here are the directions:

      • 6- 10X5 inch rectangles
      • 5- 1.5 inch strips for 1 st border and sashing strips
      • 3- 4inch strips for 2nd border
  1. Lay out your 6 rectangles in a pleasing manner.
  2. Take 2 of the 1.5″ strips and sub cut into 5- 10 inch pieces
  3. Sew a 1.5 X10 inch strip in between each of the 5X10 inch blocks.
  4. Then border the the long center strip sewing the sides first and finishing with the ends.
  5. Then use the 4 inch strip for the outer border ,sewing the sides and finishing with the ends.
You can get a kit here for this exact table runner for only $9.95 ($8.88 today only for the daily deal) and will include everything you need to make your top.
(backing and binding not included)  OR Today only you can grab it on The Quilter’s Daily Deal @ 8.88!
You can make them for your daughter in law, your sister in law, niece, aunt… name it I am pretty sure that anyone would LOVE to receive this as a gift!
Here is your first Valentines project from all of us at Missouri Star Quilt Co!  We have several more things planned for you, so stay tuned…..
Hot cakes…

Hot cakes…

Another quilt is done….as in, pieced, quilted and bound!  Yay!  SO I thought I would take some pictures for you before I hang it in the shop.

This beautiful quilt was made by a very good friend of ours.  She does amazing work and we just love her to pieces.  The pattern she used is called Hot cakes, by  Mary’s Cottage Quilts. We used the Collections for a Cause, Legacy layer cake.  It went together pretty easy and fast (and we had enough fabric left over that we got a baby quilt out of the same pattern!)

Well, how was your weekend?!!?  Ours was pretty good.  My Dad had surgery last week, and is still recovering.  So we thought a little Wii golf would lift his spirits!  SO fun.  (well, and of course a little chocolate cakes didn’t hurt either!)

Valentines day is coming up…so we have some fun little things (projects) and such, lined up for you.  The rest of the week we will be devoted to all things ‘LOVE’.  SO stay tuned…

Have a great day!  I know I will!  (all the laundry and housework catch up for me!  WHOO!)