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Crunch time…and a cute apron

Crunch time…and a cute apron

It is still hard for me to believe that Halloween is over, let alone Thanksgiving.  It seems as if this year is coming to a close rather quickly.  Christmas will be here before we know it, and that has me thinking that I better get going on my Christmas gifts.

I am planning on making a few things, giving gifts of fabric (who wouldn’t LOVE that?) and of course buying the rest.  (ugh)


Don’t you just LOVE jumbo ric-rac?! I do.

One thing I am excited about making is aprons.  They are fun, cute and you can really personalize them.  I love to embellish things as well….and aprons are fun to embellish.

So I just have to ask…did you go black Friday shopping?  Are you done with your Christmas shopping and gift making??  If you are…please give me some tips.  🙂  I haven’t even started.  I need some serious help.  (i do have 5 kids, you know)

Have a great week!  I have a feeling it’s gonna get busier and busier around here!  🙂

Happy Thanksgiving…

…from all of us at Missouri Star Quilt Company.

We are thankful for all of you.  We appreciate your love and support.  (really, you guys are the best)  We hope that your Holiday is full of love, laughter and a LOT of food!

Enjoy your day!


P.S.  Check out the daily deal page…..we have a CUTE turkey guy to make with the Dresden plate.  ( a video tutorial coming soon!  We are just having some technical difficulties with it!  It will hopefully be up tonight!  Keep those fingers crossed!)  If you can’t get the Garden Inspirations charm pack, you can get the Bound to the Prairie charm, it has very similar homespun in the pack.  Just another fun idea for you.

Have a happy and Safe holiday!

Sew many projects…

Sew many projects…


We are busy getting new projects together….sewing up a storm.  Mom is working on this adorable table runner using the new Snow Flower Design Roll, from Westminster.  Making not one, but two projects with one roll!  Sweet action!

We are working on a ton of how-to’s and project ideas, to help with the Christmas making frenzy that is going on.

Have a great day!  It is Monday after all!  🙂

Abby’s Treasure box…..

Abby’s Treasure box…..

Ok, you all know how we love easy and quick with BIG results, right!?  Well, that is exactly what you get with this pattern.  It is called Abby’s Treasure box, from This and That. (Sherri Falls)


Abby’s Treasure Box, made with Riley Blake Fabric scraps!

I think it is a perfect thing for a Christmas gift!  Easy to put together….so easy in fact you’ll want to make more!  🙂  One of our ‘regulars’ in the shop has been making them for her grandchildren.  So, if you are still looking for some last minute gift fillers, this would be perfect!  (plus, you can use up more of your stash, or a charm pack!)  Have you tried this pattern? I’d love to know your take on it?  Did you love it too?  Do tell.

Turnovers…another idea

Turnovers…another idea

SO over the weekend I received an email from a member of our forums.  She had used a turnover she bought from us while ago and had this  idea.  I thought it was just darling, so I thought I would show you all  what she came up with.  (in her words)….

“Here in Canada we celebrate Thanksgiving in October, so as soon as it’s over, everyone starts planning for Christmas. The stores start selling Christmas trees, lights, ornaments, and wrapping paper – you know, anything to get us to start spending money. Well I LOVE Christmas and decided that this year, I was going to make a Christmas wall hanging. My goal was to have it done by November 1st so I could put it up the same day the tree went up.

Now, let me backtrack about a month. My husband was going on a business trip to… you guessed it… Missouri! When I found out he was going to be staying not too far from MSQC I jumped online and made a wish list of all stuff I wanted. I asked him to get me a Figgy Pudding charm pack, but somehow he got confused and came back with a Figgy Pudding turnover (he at least got the fabric line right!) That night as I was lying in bed I thought “what the heck am I going to do with TRIANGLES?” As I sat there thinking, ideas started to flood my head, until I came up with a pattern. I’ve never really made a quilt before; I’ve mostly made decorative pillows and Halloween costumes, so I decided that I better try something simple. I auditioned all my triangles until I found the perfect layout and started sewing! I borrowed a cutting mat and rotary cutter from my friend so that I didn’t have to use my pizza cutter (yes, it’s true, I almost did it!) I sewed and sewed and sewed and taa daa…”

picturesfiggypudding Ok, WOW!  Don’t you just love it?  I was so excited to get this in my email, that I knew you had to see it.  Thanks for the ideas and sweet emails we have gotten.  We have the best customers and friends out there, and we appreciate you all.

We hope you enjoyed this idea.  And let us know if you ‘ve decided to make anything with one of our ideas.  We’d love to see pictures!  (but, you already knew that!)  🙂