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Our First Bus Tour {group}

Our First Bus Tour {group}

crazy colors1

We have been planning for this day for quite a while…..and to say we were a bit nervous might be an understatement. (okay, mostly I was nervous….Mom can and will talk to anyone, anytime about anything!!)   We were very excited also, and couldn’t wait to share our ideas with such a big group.

We had a fabulous group of Women most from the Saint Louis, Missouri area and enjoyed visiting with them and getting to know them a bit.

They learned, they shopped and we all had a great time!

I hope you Girls have a blast at the Quilt Show in Iowa!   Can’t wait to see you again.

Spring Magic…

Spring Magic…

DSC00656I was able to get a picture of the April Cornell, Spring Magic baby quilt we put together ….However, the lighting is terrible and I apologize.  (I will get a better one soon)

Anyway, this quilt went together pretty easily….we used one honey bun and BAM,  a baby quilt!  Colorful and bright, yet sweet and simple.  I love it.  I love April too, she’s the one with amazing color and design, right?!?!  🙂

So, how is your week shaping up?  Mine?  Well, let’s just say that if it could have gone wrong…  did. (you know, sick kids, broken down vehicles, drama)  heheh….

We have lot’s more in store for the rest of the week, though.  (I mean, it’s only Wed. right?)    We have a bus tour group coming on Thursday  (SO exciting!!) and Halloween on Saturday.  (wow, bye-bye October)   Halloween should be fun if we can get everyone well by then.  🙂

Oh, and girls (and guys too) we have been work-working away at the expansion….here check this out:

DSC00650Just a tiny peak…but it’s getting there.   I know ladies, he’s hot.  Hand off though, he’s mine. We will have so much more room in our NEW classroom.  (I know we just finished a class room….we’ve already out grown it!)  That’s a good thing, and we are thrilled about it.  🙂

Have a great Wednesday!

Playing with scraps…

ctjhvjhg1I am sure that you all have a few thousand pounds of scraps in your stash.  Those beloved bits of your favorite fabric….you know what I am talking about, right!?   (We used Riley Blake, April Cornell, American Jane, Tula Pink and other various scraps.)

Well, we decided to make some cute little clips with the fabric covered buttons.  We made ponytail holders and snap clips (barrettes) and we just love them!  They are perfect to brighten any outfit! And perfect for those small pieces of your favorite fabric,  you just can’t throw away!

It was a lovely weekend.  How was yours?

FYI:  this is a very addictive project.  You will not be able to stop.  I swear.  But, since Christmas is right around the corner…..You’ll have the perfect excuse.    How cute would they be all wrapped up as gifts!??!  Oh my.  Now I am in real trouble.


We have now uploaded a video tutorial for you all to enjoy!  Learn how to make a fabric covered button and a pony tail holder!!  Go here!

Quilt Market recovery 101

Quilt Market recovery 101

So, I have good intentions….I mean really good intentions!  I intended on blogging this whole week.  Giving you the ‘Quilt Market” hook up….it just didn’t happen.  And, I am sorry!  Life gets in the way sometimes, you know.

We are knee deep in expansion remodel over here. It is wonderful and hectic all at the same time!  (don’t worry I will be posting pics as we finish things up)

Okay, I know I have mentioned this already…..BUT Heather Bailey’s booth was A-MAZING!  I loved the colors and the ‘feel’ of the whole thing.  And check out that dress….it was marvelous.

Trip-1Here is a little peak into a few of the Moda designers!!  Aren’t we just so lucky to have this amazing fabric to look forward to?  Boy, I can hardly stand it.

quilt marketLook close and you will see some Sandy Gervais, some Howard Marcus, Me and my Sister…..and uh, Me and my sisters and my Mom!  Hahah.  🙂  I love them.  ALL of them.  Have I said that already?  These designers are amazing… creative.  And they really know how to put this stuff together so you’ll want to buy it all!

Well, I  do have a ton more to show you.  Some celebrity sightings.  And luscious new stuff.  (oh and videos…..LOT’S of videos!)  Stay tuned.  It will happen.  {I swear}  🙂




My stack list of things to do today:

weed my flower bed, for one last time.

mow my yard

make cinnamon rolls


clean the house

start on a few Christmas gifts  (you know, of the quilting variety)

Do you ever feel completely over whelmed with what is on your ‘list’ ???  Today I am actually grateful that I have these things to do, cause that just means I am a blessed person.  (right….trying to keep perspective, here!)

This week is full of great things I want to share with you.  We got some new things in….the new Civil War Home front Charm packs, Layer cakes and Jelly rolls, (plus lots more new in!!!)  we finished the April Cornell honey bun quilt (just waiting to bind it now) and working on rearranging some things in the shop.  All fun things to share…

Now, I must get to work on that list….then on to the others!  Cause, let’s be honest….the other things are WAY more fun!

Are you a list person?